Klipsch KMC1 or KMC3 Bluetooth Speakers

I also love my Logitech UE Boombox. Best sounding (deep bass) BT speakers for the size.

I have found that Logitech products sound excellent at any price. The sound quality of most of their models is better than any i-Home ever made, in fact better than any i-Dock of any kind. Klipsch is good, especially the KMC 3 which has excellent bass response but in is my opinion very expensive for what it has to offer.

I am impressed with my Bose Soundlink Mini.

I have the Big Jawbone and it is great- picked it over the Bose for various reasons

I also have the Jabra Soulmate which out of all the smaller ones sounded the best to me and has been used daily for a year with no problems…

Next for me is the large Jabra that just came out

I have the Soundfreaq. I got it at $99 and doubt you can do much better at that price.

I have also heard the Jam Box and that is quite solid as well.