Klipsch M40 Noise Cancelling Headphones

I would have gotten these if I didn’t just buy the ATH-ANC9s.

I’m in the market for a good gaming headset but this is a wee bit out of budget right now. I’ve already spent enough on PC parts and Xmas gifts this week…

Give me something in the $70-80 mark and I’ll be happy :slight_smile:

Perhaps in the Woot-Off…

To anyone considering these, here are the Amazon reviews: Klipsch M40. Apparently these retail for a whopping $350!

Yeah, I love my Audio Technica noise cancelling over the ear headphones. Great performance for a good price. Not sure if these will do any better although priced higher.

I already owned a pair of the ATH-ANC7b but my wife has usurped them. Took the opporunity to get myself something better. The ATH-ANC9s were $199-%50MIR on BuyDig.com a few days ago.

Darn! I was hoping “TECH” would get in on the woot-off. I’m looking for a deal on a tablet.

It’s not too late, Woot! You can turn it on now :slight_smile:

I’m 99% sure you’ll still find a tablet on the woot off. It doesn’t need to be in tech.

Gadget Review briefly mentions that Klipsch has a new model of Nose Canceling Headphones.

Here’s a review from Engadget with lots of good pictures and info.

I bought these new from an online vendor for 200 flat. I love these headphones!! Awesome sound and the noise cancelling is great. I mainly got these because it wasn’t blaring bass to compensate for “noise cancelling”. These give a great clean warm sound and make my flights go by quick.

It does recommend about a 100 hours of 40% over normal volume to break in the woofer/tweeters.

Deals.Woot has this as a “deal” on a tablet:


Aaaaaaand…there it is.
Run Sherry Run!!!

These got such good reviews on Amazon and are super good looking cans. At this price it’s almost a steal. In for one.

Why does woot keep denying my payment method?! I’ve bought bunch of things on here and this has never happened to me. I WANT THESE HEADPHONES DAMMIT!

The afroementioned Amazon reviews are here:

For the first time in a while, a real screaming deal on a Woot site. These are offered at $350 (list price) on Amazon and elsewhere. $200 off. In for one, I need to replace my just about dead Bose Quiet Comfort 2

Probably one of two reasons:

Your bank is denying the charges, or

You’re paying with PayPal and your PayPal account is not backed by a credit card or bank account.

Klipsch has a really stellar reputation for good audio gear, notably headphones. I haven’t used this specific headset, but I have used three others for long periods of time. My personal experience has convinced me to trust the brand implicitly. YMMV of course, but this price is stupid-low for what it says on the tin. I’d be in for one if I wasn’t already bathing in headsets I wanted but don’t really need.

Does refurbished mean that these have been factory refurbished or have they been owned/used before?

Anyone have indication of comfort level?

Need to purchase headphones for my 13 yr. old son to use while playing drums - He wants beats by dr. dre - Which are better? I know nothing about this stuff - looking for some expert advice. Thanks

That is funny. I am looking at these because my 13 yr. old son wants beats as well. They must be the cool head accessory these days.