Klipsch Noise Canceling Headphones

**Item: **Klipsch Noise Canceling Headphones
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Us Baby Boomers are trying to be restrained. Something we’ve learned over time. :wink:

Some good reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) reviews over at amazon

Some additional info can be found over at klipsch.com

Check out this thorough review over at engadget.com

they sure are sexy. but i cant imagine wearing them in this heat

I bought these headphones the last time they came through.

The sound is good to very good. I am not an audiophile though. The noise cancelling is great. They are tight for us big headed folks. I wear a size 8 baseball cap (I know, melon head) and it is tight out of the box. A little stretching over the arm of the couch has loosened them up for me. They are fairly heavy for a headphone, but the quality seems top notch.

They are well worth this price in my opinion.

I bought these on Woot once. With regard to actual noise reduction, they’re only fair. For listening to music, they’re good. Also, note, they are for folks with a ‘smaller’ head. They ended up hurting after wearing them for a while, because of the pressure they put on either side of my head. I dearly wanted them to work out, but I ended up getting rid of them. :frowning:

I still love you Woot!

I’ve been looking for a while for some NC cans for my all-too-frequent plane trips. I have a kid in college, so sending Dr. Bose enough for a set of QCs is painful. These seem OK - after reading a lot of reviews, the buzz seems to be:

  1. Fairly good, but not great, NC.
  2. Very warm, rich sound, but so much so that detail seems to be lost, especially in mid and high range. Still people loved it most of the time.
  3. Tight fit for isolation seems to be tiring, and the leather earpads are sweaty for some.
  4. Nearly a pound and HUGE means you gotta be OK with the “I’m wearing big headphones” look and not hoping for I-forgot-I-had-them-on comfort.

Still, most reviewers said they were pretty OK with the $350 price tag when new, which means $140 is REALLY good. Can’t decide if I’m going to pull the trigger on these or spend a little more on Audio-Technicas, Sennheisers or (gasp!) Bose.

The two women in the product pictures are very attractive, but not very happy. What is it about these headphones that makes them less than happy?

I prefer being happy, so I won’t be getting these headphones.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Klipsch-Mode-M40-Headphones-Copper/dp/B005N8A4Z0
about 3.5 stars out of 5

Anyone used both these and the Bose QC? Comparisons?

what are:

Was the engineer inspired to reach a Hi-Fi standards, but then fell short? Is there even such a thing as “Hi-Fi Cables” beyond marketing?

Sounds like 24k inspired gold jewelry–that’s really just gold plated…

Although bose are the most expensive (well i guess it depends on the model there are some Sennhiesers that are in the 1000s) even comparable in audio quality to the Audio-technicas or Sennheisers. Although the NC on the bose is very good, but are overpriced for what you get.

I researched the heck out of these, reading all kinds of reviews and internet searches before I dropped $150 on some headphones. Consistently, they outperformed Bose for those that had tested/worn both. Quality is great. THey do get warm, but the seal is good. You can stretch these to fit if you have a pumpkin head. My coworker also bought these and there were no questions asked by Klipsch when he returned them after the warranty was up due to a dead NC switch. I like that Klipsch stands up for their products. This is a great deal.

I bought the Audio-Technicas and they are very good at noise cancelling, but not as great at Bose. Also, on the ATs, you pretty much have to turn on the NC feature to be able to hear music or dialogue clearly, for some reason the sound is ‘muffled’ when the NC is turned off. But, given the price differential between AT and Bose, I am happy with the AT.

From the amazon.com reviews for the Klipsch:

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2.0 out of 5 stars Looks and sounds nice, but…, November 15, 2012
Rick D. Siders - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Klipsch Mode M40 Mode Headphones - Copper/Black (Electronics)
First of all, I am no expert when it comes to headphones. However, I do love music and am a fan of hearing it as it was meant to be heard. I also travel quite a bit, so I wanted some noise cancelling, over-the-ear headphones. For me, the choice was between the BOSE QC 15, Klipsch M40, and the Beats. I ultimately settled on the BOSE QC 15, but none of them were perfect. So, here are my thoughts on each:

(1) Klipsch M40 - sound was WONDERFUL, and they look great. The noise cancelling was impressive, but not quite as good as the Bose QC 15. I would have kept these, but they were WAY TOO tight and I could only wear them for about 15 minutes before getting a splittine headache. I have a fairly large head (hat size between 7 3/8 and 7 1/2), but these were over the top tight! Again, if my head were a little smaller, I would have kept these.

(2) Beats - in one word, “awful!” I have never written a bad review for a product until this review, but they are so bad. Let’s start with the look…they look cool (I had the orange ones, and they look sweet). They are also fairly comfortable to wear. HOWEVER, they don’t sound as good as the Klipsch 40’s or the BOSE QC 15’s. Further, and most importantly, YOU CANNOT WEAR THESE ON A PLANE! The person next to you can hear them as well as you can hear them. It is embarrassing, and I would never wear them in a public place…and unfortunately, these are PORTABLE headphones. Also, the noise cancelling is just ok.

(3) BOSE QC 15 - all around the best over-the-ear headphone amongst the three I purchased. They are very comfortable to wear. The noise cancelling is CRAZY good. The sound is very pure, but seems to be somewhat muted. Because of this, I actually purchased a portable amp to go with them. I would have preferred not to do this, but it really helps.

Anyway, I hope this helps!

Well, cool-looking or not, ya really can’t knock Bose headphones for not trying to be stylish. The “Design Tool” on QC-15’s lets you change the color of every single aspect of the headphones. So, there’s that; just sayin’ …

Anybody compared these with Monoprice’s ridiculously great $100 model?