Klipsch Noise Canceling Headphones

**Item: **Klipsch Noise Canceling Headphones
Price: $139.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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The “features” section says the crossovers are active, but the “specs” section says “Passive Cross-over Network”…

And those models’ tiny heads make these look ginormous.

OK My review from the ones I purchased last year around Christmas time from woot.

I purchased these because I wanted a sturdy pair of headphones (I was tired of the flimsy ones). It fit this need perfectly. But be warned these can fit tight if your head is big.

Sound: Seems great. I felt my first pair took about 40-50 hours of play before they sounded perfect. Highs seem good, mids seem good, wish there was a tad more bass.

Noise Cancelling: Only got to use these once on a plane. At first I didnt think they were doing much, but when the landing lights came on and they said to shut everything off I was amazed how much engine noise they were blocking.

Customer Service: Had two incidents with the headphones. The first, my cat ate the cord. Quick email to Klipsch and they sent me a new cord no questions asked. Second was a little more major. On that flight back the noise cancelling died. Even with new batteries nothing came on. Contacted klipsch a little outside the 90 day warranty and they sent me a new pair after I sent the first back.

Hope that helps. I am happy with them even though the first pair died. Another bonus on these over other noise cancelling headphones (Bose). If your battery dies the headphones still work.

I would imagine they are passive.

Let’s check out the product page

Check out this thorough review over at engadget.com

Check out this review from digitaltrends.com

Wow! Thanks for this review.
I’ll stay the hell away from these headphones!

Me too.

I got these a while back off of woot for 150. They were technically refurbs,the box and everything was new and unopened, but I suppose that could be how factory refurbs repackage. Anyway, as for the sound I found that they are decent. By no means top quality but at this price not a bad deal.

They crackle quite a bit when going up to high volumes which bothers me, but at average volumes they sound good. I probably shouldn’t be listening to music that load anyway, but sometimes I just gotta jam out. The noise cancelling is more like a sound booster. No real cancelling going on but the sound gets better, unless theres no music input in which case you get that static hum. I have a average hat size, and these were initially way too tight and especially bothersome with glasses on. I put them around a couch cushion for a few days and they fit much better now.

My biggest complaint is the actual cup size. I’m referring to the depth of it, my ears touches the grill infront of the speaker and after an hour or so becomes unbearable to wear. I have average size ears that don’t stick out much so I would imagine others would have the same issue.

Maybe this time you guys can ship these damn things on time. Last time you had these up it took 2 weeks to get them because the order was canceled, then I get an e-mail that you’d get a reimbursement, and then it ships the day after my flight where I needed them.

Anyways. As others have mentioned the cups are pretty dang tight on the head. I ended up taking someone’s advice and putting it on a sofa arm for a week and hitting the top of the headset with a hair dryer to heat it up every other day. It loosened things up enough to wear it without pinching the head.

My question is about the warranty. They say these are new but the warranty is only 90 days from Klipsch. On Amazon, they show a 2-yr warranty for the same product. What gives? Are they really new or refurbs? Is the warranty on Amazon wrong?

[MOD: It should be a 2 year warranty. We’ll update the sale asap.]

That review was conducted with the price being $350…even in the wrap up they state for THAT price etc. etc.

Tried to purchase these last time woot had them, but was told several days later after the order was confirmed “we don’t have any.” Pretty disappointed woot.com, pretty disappointed.

I bought these last year and I love them. Incredible, clear highs and nice mid range. Bass is punchy but not dominant. I think I’m in the minority these days in that I prefer my bass that way. Noise cancelling is adequate, not bad, not great. Great price for fantastic sound.

I have a pretty big head (7 3/8 fitted cap) and these don’t start to become uncomfortable until about the 3 to 4 hour mark.

Bummer, I want to buy these but woot won’t accept my Mastercard. When did woot stop using paypal?

So…No good for international flights eh? That’s when I need headphones the most.

I’m sorry about that. This is inventory. We can hope that the inventory trolls don’t strike twice, right?

Is your MC getting denied? Most often it’s due to the address on your Woot account not matching the address on your MC.

We limited PayPal use back in June.

Yes, MC denied. Shipping and billing addresses are the same and are the same as my MC address.

Does limited mean stopped altogether or is there some way I can still use it? I never had this problem at all with paypal.