Klipsch Noise Canceling Headphones

That really wasn’t a bad review.

I bought these from Woot last week with the need being an international flight tomorrow. They arrived Friday, so I have limited use. I used that review above to make my decision.

So far all the comments seem spot on. They feel “cheaper” than they “look”. I’d feel pretty bad about paying $350.

My previous experience was 3 years with a set of Bose QC-3. Noise cancelling was excellent. Comfortable as well. I decided to try something else purely based on price. So far I’m happy with them at $158 shipped. They do feel a bit tight around the head but I will try the “put over a couch arm” thing before the flight.

The main benefit is the sound provided when the battery dies. The cups still provide a decent barrier against noise with no active noise cancellation.

So far I can’t see how you’d go wrong from this brand at this price point.

If you like Beats headphones you can save a lot of money by buying these and switching your computer or phone to a really crappy and distorted equalizer setting.

I’ve had these for a year and they remain an excellent Dr. Dre substitution. Be aware: They are tight and uncomfortable to wear for hours on end.

I tried to get these earlier in the year (prior woot) and it got cancelled.

I’m glad, because I got the Audio Technica Quiet POint ATH-ANC7b headphones and those are awesome. So much lighter and not with the tight fit.

IMO I realized I was falling victim to the “Expensive pair for cheap” plan, whereas these aren’t as good as they make it seem.

This is also on Groupon today, but more expensive.

This is another failed entry trying to crack the high end headset market. Bose is still the benchmark though Audio Technicas and Sony come very close. Some would say the Sony’s and Audio Technicas sound better than the Bose but there is something to be said about being the first on the block with decent sound, decent sound cancelling and comfort that will last more than a couple of hours. No I do not work for Bose but after comparing most of these, I have to admit the Bose holds up. That said, assuming your head is small enough, these are probably a great deal! One thing to keep in mind… it takes energy to have a decent noise cancelling system so any battery that lasts longer than several hours usually means the headsets will not cancel out as much noise as those who are stingy with the battery. A couple of rechargables will take you as far as the plane can go on a tank of gas.

I got very excited about these and ordered right away. Today, while they are still being shipped, I looked on Amazon. The WOOT price is not especially a bargain . . .

Amazon used to officially carry these headphones afew months ago, but it seems like these headphones are on the clearance / warehouse emptying cycle right now. Those listings you saw on amazon are 3rd parties that are probably reselling these woot/groupon units or have another distributor.