Klipsch Noise Canceling Headphones

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Klipsch Noise Canceling Headphones
Price: $129.99
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Condition: New


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They sound good, the noise cancel excellent on a plane or in a boat on the lake, but you have find a way to “stretch” the headphone fit, after just a little while wearing them as is you will want to toss them.

I used the box they came in to stretch them and a hair dryer on high now they are one of my favorites.

Are they as good as/better than Bose?

Klipsch as a brand is much more respected among those who know good sound than Bose is. Bose’s reputation is built on strong marketing, more than strong technology.

As always, you can probably find something in the Bose line that is better than something in the Klipsch line – but if I had to bet, I’d bet on the Klipsch.

I’ll wait for $99 price point to return. Thank you.

129.00 on Amazon, not much of a deal here

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You are thinking of Klipsch before they were bought by AudioVox/Voxx International. They slap the name on garbage components without a care these days.

I won’t attempt to get into a tech pissing contest as I have no data to present - but Bose has a couple years of noise canceling work under their belt. To dismiss them based on your comment is pretty misinformed (and based on old data as is your opinion of Klipsch).

I love Klipsch - I have a house full of Reference loudpseakers - an almost certain bet is that these are Klipsch in name only. 4 days shy of a year ago I bought a pair of RF-62 II’s towers to supplement what I had - and while they are relatively nice, for nearly a grand these are garbage compared to “old school Klipsch”. To assume these have the quality of Klipsch products up to the 90s is probably a bad assumption. I can’t say for sure as I’ve not put these on my head - but I’d not drop this kind of cash without having first done so.

I was equally soured on a pair of Klipsch earbuds that cost almost $100 - the $9 iMetal buds I got on woot like 6 years ago sound and fit better. WAY better in fact.

These things look ginormous. I can’t imagine wearing these on a 6 hour flight - and I currently wear Audio-Technica ATH-M50s/LE’s for that long. The skull-crushing comments in the Amazon feedback are awesome…

Plus - price is MORE than the lowest seller on Amazon??? Seriously W00t! - at least act like you’re giving a bargain…

Really? Probation for a well written, well thought out post that dares to step on W00ts toes?

lol - noooo - that’s old. I stepped on coffee snobs toes with a bad word.

I have bypassed these in the past out of fears that Klipsch wouldn’t honor their warranty if purchased through Woot.

They’ve had numerous complaints they won’t honor warranties based on Amazon purchases.

These don’t have the best reliability ratings–so the warranty is a factor.

Well, since we’re buying them directly from Klipsch, I don’t anticipate a problem. But if you come across a troublesome rep, let us know.


“No highs, no lows, must be Bose.” Why did you think they are so stingy with product specs?

Seriously, why would you put him on probation??

This may be irrelevant to some but Fred Klipsch is a big dark money donor to Koch brothers political smear machine. So Klipsch joins Papa John on the A-hole-I-will-never-spend-another-penny-on list. There are plenty of other quality audio companies out there that aren’t led by fascist zealot Koch-suckers.

Hard to believe headphone comments can go political.

I’ve had these for a while, and really like them. Great low end and the noise cancellation is very good. The price is low enough that I use them while mowing and trimming my yard, and they eliminate the equipment noise. (I wouldn’t want to sweat all over $300 Bose). The snug fit is a plus for this type of activity, and I’ve worn them for hours at a time. I would consider a spare set if the price drops to less than $100.