Klipsch Quintet SL 5-piece Home Theater Speaker System


** regarding the question " how does this compare to bose?"

youre joking right? bose is garbage. this company is decent, known for being a bit on the bright side, but the company is decent.


Bought these out of a van once from an asian man named Gus. I took home the box and was shocked to find old Chinese newspapers and pinatas in the box but no speakers! Ever since, I’ve been wanting these speakers real bad


Bose is better at marketing than they are at making speakers. No comparison.


Klipsch makes unbelievable speakers. They will be the best speakers you have ever heard almost guaranteed. (unless you are a high end audiofile)

These BLOW away Bose. Bose is so overrated and when you actually hear these you will never buy or listen to Bose again…


Look up reviews on the company, Klipsch


No highs, no lows, must be Bose!!!..


Well considering Bose sucks these are quite nice.


i WOULD be in for one if only it were a refurb.

klipsch is right up there with bose and infinity for sound quality


I’ve heard a lot of compliments for Klipsch speakers. I have a few friends that swear these are better than Bose.


Calling a 3.5-inch speaker a “woofer” is like calling this a “good deal.”


These are really good speakers, not a bad price.
I have Bose speakers with an Onkyo receiver and I LOVE my system…but if you are looking for a good set, this is a good deal.




You can spend $125,000+ on a single PAIR of speakers.


Bose is not the standard of quality to let you know, Bose is actually consider crap in the audio world and people that like their movies, music and games stay away from bose…

anyway, Klipsch makes solid speaker, too bad i just put a system together…I think i will stick with my polks…oh and my eD sub thats coming in :wink:

This is actually a good deal on these…I just spent 4 times this on my system and i pieced it together…But if you need quality for a price…get these…you cant go wrong with Klipsch

But this would be a solid budget system for anyone looking for a decent surround sound…


That will be tomorrow.


Bose is trash. Whoever says bose is good has not heard any other speakers. Can you tell me why Bose never puts up a frequency response chart? Because their crap is all over the place and not stable. Sorry I had to go on a rant like this. But that post just irritated me and made me register just to say this. Bose is nothing but a marketing scheme. I would never pay to have little speakers with no real crossover in a plastic box that resonates so easily. These Klipsch speakers will blow away any BLOSE trash.


you have been tricked my friend… bose is garbage


Take the price of any Bose speaker, divide by ten, and that’s how much you SHOULD have paid.


thats because bose sucks and Klipsch is a very good brand. They are very efficient speakers. Which means, you don’t need a high powered amplifier/receiver to get good sound out of them. The only bad thing about this system is that the bass will be lacking; obviously b/c there is no subwoofer. If you’ve been debating a HT setup, this is a great setup. Also to note, the base’s on the rear two speakers can be inversed so they mount on the wall very easily.

Bottom line, Klipsch is a great company and you won’t be let down.


Always funny to hear all the BOSE haters whining. They are probably all Mac users anyway. Bose are not the best speakers, but they are still very good if they are set up right with a good receiver.
Anyway, this is a good set, again if you use a good receiver you will be very happy with these.


I’ll put these Klipsch speakers (and/or my pair of Klipsch Heresy II’s) up against Bose’s best anyday!! Amazing!!


I have these exact speakers and they are pretty darn good for my home theater (14 x 20 ft family room). I have them mounted right next to my LCD TV on my wall (well the front 3 anyway). Back around Christmas time Best Buy sold these speakers for $639 and included a 12 inch Klipsch subwoofer that they normally sell for around $469. I would certainly recommend a subwoofer if you are getting these speakers.