Klipsch Quintet SL 5-piece Home Theater Speaker System

Where is the BOC!!!


if I had $404.99 I would totally put it down on this system.

how are all my fellow die hard wooters? any predictions on when this will end? or whats next? lol =)

its selling for 420 on ebay. any ideas???

cool I didn’t se that description on the product page. I thought it was a tree stand

Damn there is more than one

too much money! i hope they only have like 3 of these and we move on!!

Hey now - at least they aren’t putting up each speaker as a seperate woot like many MANY other times… 12 minutes to sell out isn’t all that bad

Oh, great. Just what we need. a Woot that costs hundreds of dollars and could possibly take FOREVERRR to sell.

woot are you living in a cave?
we can’t afford this with the US economy…silly silly

Klipsch speakers are the best bang for the buck. Bar none.

I want to so badly…but my wallet says no.

Please put up a pair of headphones next, I have an equal need for them as i do speaker sets. That black and decker emergency power would be another option.

aaaaargh expensive

If I had the money, I would be all over this… sad.

Hey, who wants to talk POLITICS?




Oh man, and here I was ready to convince someone I was right!

it ends when it ends could be 48 hours could be less, wootoffs decide when

wootoff does not end at midnight. it will go on till tomorrow .

Go alert him to buy it :slight_smile: