Klipsch Quintet SL 5-piece Home Theater Speaker System

Ha…take that.


DAMNIT, Chuck is the one sho shall not be spoken by mortal mouths. Carfull

Thank you, Clay “Captain Obvious” Aiken.
Like anyone didn’t know Aiken’s a lesbian.
Now if Aiken claimed to be male, then I’d be shocked.

You are making kitty’s head hurt.

I think you both have a point.


no roomba?


I think you’ve articulated the majority opinion.
thank you.



How about if he wasn’t ?

Roombah with a plow attachment!!

I smell the blood of an englishman!

don’t tempt fate. I already have 2 of them.

used to be in Logan county about 75 miles east of Paducah, worked in Paducah some, moved to California last year

You must be very young or very naive. What folks find attractive and unattractive varies greatly. Heck, I even know one guy who thinks Barbara Streisand is freaking hot! Go figure…

She has a face?

too bad they didnt have a carton of Energy drinks last week to get us thru this wootoff.


im sleepy and i have class tomorrow.