Klipsch R-14M Bookshelf Speakers and Amplifier Bundle

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Klipsch R-14M Bookshelf Speakers and Amplifier Bundle
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Klipsch stuff is garbage

What do you prefer?

Compared to what and at what price point?

The speakers are quite good. The amp is the problem.

That’s a pretty bold statement. Care to elaborate? And at the Klipsch price point, what’s better?

Klipsch makes good speakers. But if you’re looking for a rich 2.0 hi-fi experience, these are going to underwhelm in an open room. This is a decent near-field system, such as to use at the PC or with a digital keyboard. But you’re not going to get good low-end without a subwoofer.

My current near-field PC setup is Klipsch RB-61 II bookshelf speakers with an Onkyo TX-8020 receiver and dual Klipsch SW-110 10-inch subwoofers. The bookshelf woofers are 6.5-inch, and even near-field I’d never go back to anything smaller. The system is actually sufficient without the subwoofers, which I have wired to the B channel for easy muting.

The RB-61 II have been replaced by the RP-160M. Something with a comparable frequency response really is desirable if you’re going to be listening at a distance, and especially if strictly 2.0.

So what if you’re not budgeted for a larger system, and you’re merely looking to improve your PC setup? Well, the R-14M can definitely do that. But there’s one problem: You can currently pick up a pair of either these or the more powerful R-15M from Klipsch for $199.00, leaving you with $159.99 to spend on a receiver. A receiver like the Onkyo TX-8020 is going to give you things like a basic equalizer, two channels, multiple inputs, comprehensive remote control, capable 1/4 headphone output, and more. The downside is that a stereo receiver is going to come with a large footprint, which may make this bundle more appealing in some environments (my receiver is mounted overhead on a shelf, which I find easy to access). The optical input is nice, too (invaluable for resolving ground-loops). And while I personally don’t have any use for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you might. But buying the speakers and an amplifier or receiver separately is certainly worth considering.

Anyway, my experience with the Klipsch reference series has been great. Some people find the horns tinny; but I feel this is really just a negative reaction to hearing accurate speakers. The detail is excellent and can make listening to old albums a new experience if your ears haven’t known better. And if you do find them too bright, it’s nothing that can’t be tamed with an equalizer.

Are they joking? This unit has no Bluetooth, Ipod connection or wireless speakers. What a ripoff!!!

Try again.

I bought this set for my brother a couple months ago (via Amazon/Woot). He was thinking about getting a bluetooth soundbar. Since his main use would be music and not the TV I thought it would be a better option.

So far he has liked it. He hasn’t had any powering off problems. He upgraded the firmware at the beginning. He has a TV, record player, and a Chromecast audio hooked up to it.

The TV works via optical. For some reason regular channels/inputs are fine, but the smart TV options give feedback instead of sound. He has a Chromecast hooked up to the TV. So he just uses it instead of the smart TV options.

Looks like the amp has Wi-Fi? Who streams std Blue Tooth audio and expects high quality sound? If you are wanting to send audio from your smart phone just connect the phones 3.5 mm output jack to the analog audio in RCA inputs Or send a Wi-Fi feed from your A/V receiver to the amp?? My experience in audio still tells me that you get what you pay for? This system would be good for a small room in the house or as desk top computer sound system. Still would suggest you use a sub in conjunction with this package in either case.

And the problem with subwoofers is that one really isn’t enough. Either way, the cost of supplementing small speakers with subwoofers needs to be weighed against larger units in 2.0.

Some people might prefer going with their R-15PM powered bookshelf speakers instead. Bluetooth, optical in, AUX in, phono preamp, bigger speaker cone… can usually be had for $350 or less. I got my R-15PM’s in a bundle with a $300 turntable for just $400. LOVE my Klipsch stuff. I also have Promedia 2.1’s hooked up to my computer. They’re the best computer speakers you can buy. Hands down. That guy up top is just trolling.

Bought a pair of R-14M’s 2 years ago from Fry’s for $99. They still offer that deal at least once a month. So this deal makes no cents to me. I have these partnered with Polk sub and center channel units. Will move the 14m’s to the rear when I get some more bread for bigger mains.

Klipsch makes the best speakers IMHO. They do have issues with amps though. Anyway, these will make sweet computer or keyboard speakers. Best sound for the $.

Shows Bluetooth in specs.

Resurrecting my Dad’s Realistic Lab400 turntable. I know Klipsch speakers are decent. What about the amp?

I used to own Klipsch. Too boomy for me. I guess it’s that horn?

Ummm … it seems to me that the entire POINT of this system is to be for analog use. That’s why one sees the “Phono” input in the back.

You digital kids are really cute sometimes.