Klipsch R-14M Bookshelf Speakers and Amplifier Bundle

The horn enhances the efficiency and dispersion of the tweeters. I’ve found Klipsch to be well tuned. It could be your experience was due to equipment or environment.

Thank you for this info. I’ve moved too often and have my now-ancient components in boxes in storeroom. About to do it again, so I’m saving your info for when ready to purchase new speakers. I’ve loved my big Klipsh, which I gave away.

Is any one else’s woot frozen??

What do you mean exactly?

Mine is

Has nothing to due with any products for some reason the app has stopped operating

Got mine and set it up. Only problem so far is trying to update the firmware. I go through the process and the utility app just keeps “searching.”

Otherwise it works fine. If it had Airplay, it would be perfect.

Only gripe is that there was no speaker cable included. Other than the power cable, you HAVE to have speaker cable. The USB, optical, and 1/8" phono cables are nice, but not necessary.