Klipsch R-20B Bluetooth Soundbar

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Klipsch R-20B Bluetooth Soundbar
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Crutchfield has 4.5 Stars

Thanks Woot. I actually bought one of these earlier today on Amazon for much more, but once I saw this I cancelled my order there and bought this one instead.

Would this be an upgrade from my Yahama YSP-3050 in terms of sound quality?


Damn I bought this on Amazon for 399 about a month ago!

It’s a nice system with plenty of punch if you don’t mind a simple optical connection.

If you need HDMI passthrough you’re out of luck but overall it rocks.

Can Kipsch R-20b system connect a RV or foods truck ?

Can you add rear speakers?

Help me, I’m AV-challenged… say you have multiple components you’d like to listen through the soundbar - TV, bluray, I’m assuming the soundbar can only accept one connected audio input at a time - either via its digital optical, or via its RCA analog, inputs, correct? Can user select which input/source to use (like a receiver), or is it a matter of physically disconnecting one or the other? Or would the TV receive the blu-ray HDMI audio then output it via the optical output to the soundbar optical input (This makes most sense)? But, If I wanted to listen to an FM tuner/receiver with analog, same question - if I have optical input already coming from the TV, can I also connect an input to the soundbard RCA inputs, and be able to choose between either? Maybe what I really need is a receiver, vice soundbar, but less components the better.

If this is anything like the computer speakers I bought from Klipsch, save your money.

Looking at the owners manual http://assets.klipsch.com/product-manuals/R-20B-Manual-v08-WEB.pdf you would need to connect this sound bar to a receiver capable of multiple connections or connect all components to the TV.

If I didn’t already have the Klipsch sound bar I bought here about two years ago, this one would definitely be in my house. Unbelievable sounding sound bar. Highly recommend you getting this today. If you are tired of not hearing everything from your tv, then jump on this. You won’t regret your decision.

You don’t have a lot of options, so that makes it easier. Your best bet is to get your TV do all the switching of sources as it has multiple inputs. Just run an optical cable to the soundbar from the TV and then all the other sources plug into the TV. If you have a receiver, you don’t use a soundbar with it. You plug speakers into it. If you want to listen to FM radio, use a computer. Most FM stations broadcast on the internet too, so just connect it via bluetooth to the sound bar and you are all set.

I’m tempted, but I would prefer to hear this first. My biggest concern is how poorly voices are reproduced by modern TVs. I have an LG soundsbar with sub that is hit or miss. For some movies it is ok, for others it is just as bad as the TV speakers. This is substantially more expensive than other soundbars, so I want to be sure that dialogue is intelligible before I spend money on it. Can anyone comment on how well this handles dialogue?

Thanks all. In for one. Good advice. I have a seperate home theater room with speakers and receivers, but this will be good for the living room where I want to be able to watch TV and stream music, but keep number of components/wires/cords minimal and reduce clutter. I haven’t been researching soundbars much, but reading the reviews here and elsewhere, this seems like a perfect solution at very high quality (it was new for $800 a couple years ago), and Woot coming through with a new item, significantly below price elsewhere (including the Mother Ship) - Great job Woot!

For what you want to do I recommend Sonos soundbar. Extremely flexible.

What are the benefits of HDMI passthrough?

Boy Do I feel like a newb… I have the optical audio port…

If the XB1 is hooked to an HDMI on the tv… then when I switch to xbox…the audio comes out the optical port…?
The HDMI pas through confuses me, but this price is sure tempting for me…