Klipsch R-20B Bluetooth Soundbar

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Klipsch R-20B Bluetooth Soundbar
Price: $279.99
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Condition: New


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I’ve been rockin’ mine since I got it during the last one.

Comes in a big heavy box so be prepared for that.

But you can crank it up and now the Music Choice channels on TV are good for something.

Crutchfield Reviews

As a Klipsch fan, I waited five years for the last time this went in sale a few weeks ago. I was not disappointed, this was my best woot purchase yet. This thing rocks. Bluetooth is a little spotty, but not a deal killer. I bought this for how it makes my tv and movies sound, and you could spend 4-10 times as much and not even come close to the performance!

That’s a solid price, seems to be $399 everywhere else. I’ve had bad luck with soundbars but the reviews on this one are pretty top notch. Great sound and value, only cons seem to be the remote’s range is very limited, but for us it wouldn’t be a problem our couch is within ten feet of the TV anyways.

Going to sit on it and maybe purchase after work today…

I bought one from Crutchfield at $399. Well worth the money. At $279, this is a no-brainer if you’re interested in a sound bard.

Sound is great, voices are clear and the subwoofer … woofs.

This may seem like a dumb question, but sometimes the little things are important…

Can this be set up to turn on automatically when you turn the TV on? I’ve had soundbars that can’t do that, and it’s a real bummer to always have to turn it on.

It turns on with the tv. This Soundbar is Amazing!!! Was very leary upon purchasing but Klipsch does Not disappoint! Do yourself a favor and Purchase this!

Does the soundbar automatically turn off when the tv is off and it is not receiving a sign?

So there is no HD hook up with this unit? Don’t other sound bar systems have a HD? Thanks

What size TVs is this ideal for? I am looking at getting a new 60"+/- set and thinking about just biting the bullet and buying the soundbar now for the (yet to be purchased) new TV!

Woot! Are you kidding me? You said that you didn’t have any more in stock, which is why you couldn’t send me a replacement! The sub didn’t turn on when I received it and all the hassle I’ve gone through with having this thing returned via an RMA through Klipsch is pretty aggravating. I’m still waiting on them to ship a working one back to me and likely won’t receive it for another couple of weeks (it better be a new one too). Although your support has been pretty helpful, maybe you should’ve checked your stock before having me go through all of this. :confused:

No ARC is a no-buy from me.

The soundbar will turn on with your tv, and will turn off after a few minutes once the TV is turned off.

(this is all assuming you are using the optical audio port)

It does not have an HDMI input. Only optical, bluetooth, and either rca/headphone.

This is twice what I want to pay for a sound bar, but I’m wondering if I have to go to this price point to get a decent one.

Besides the sound itself, What are good sound bar features to look for, especially for future=proofing?

This isn’t just a decent soundbar, it’s a fantastic soundbar. I bought one last time Woot sold them and am totally blown away. Klipsch makes great stuff…I have Klipsch equipment for my home theater, computer, and now this. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed…you’ll be impressed.

I’m sorry for the problem. These ship directly from the vendor so we wouldn’t have inventory on hand. It’s possible the vendor didn’t have more at the time.

In for 1 based on brand name and the small collection of stellar reviews!

Crutchfield site says the soundbar is the following dimensions (in inches):
4-1/8H x 39-15/16W x 2-15/16D