Klipsch R-20B Bluetooth Soundbar

Plenty of Stars over at Crutchfield

$349 at best buy and the good thing is that if you have any problem with the item you can return it very easily. I always show them my Military ID and get 10 % off and no taxes.

Got this in January, was packed well and works fine. Very clear sound, auto on and off (takes a little while to go off). We like using the Bluetooth to listen to music with the phone or computer. Very easy to set up. Only odd thing sometimes when watching Family Guy sound tends to cut out, have no idea why, just turn up the TV and it fills in any dropouts. Well worth it for us.

Odd, I’ve experienced the same thing with Family Guy and this soundbar. I thought it was Dish. How is it even possible that the soundbar is the issue with one particular show?

Absolutely love this soundbar. We got it during the last woot back in Jan. We replaced a much older Sony soundbar. This one fills the room. Like others have commented, we do get occasional very brief audio drops on the soundbar (less than a second), but ours are only when watching Comcast cable as the source. When they get too bad, I’ll restart our X1 cable box, and they go away for a few days, so I’m thinking it has more to do with the cable box than the soundbar.

I’ve had this running for a few months now and love it. Picked it up here and it blew away a higher priced Sony model. Great buy (rare for Woot these days).

I bought this soundbar the last time Woot offered it. It’s amazing. It’s loud, has crisp highs, and a nice subwoofer that adjusts to your tastes. It lives up to the Klipsch reputation.

I purchased this the last time it was on sale here at woot. I am very disappointed in this sound bar. It doesn’t sound as good as a cheaper Polk that I had been using. This Klipsch does get louder but that is the only good thing I can say about it.

While I wasn’t expecting the sound quality of Klipsch’s high-end speakers I was expecting much more since I own some of the RP series in my surround sound setup in another room.

The bluetooth range is very limited or you’ll get drop-outs. I can’t get more that 10 or 12 feet in a clear line of sight before it will start having the occasional drop out.

The sound quality is just sub-par and I was immediately disappointed. This speaker is Chinese made junk IMO and you can find a much better sounding speaker with better bluetooth reliability for much less. The Polk that I liked much better I purchased new for only $179. This Klipsch would be borderline overpriced at $99.

Klipsch should be ashamed to have their name on this product. The subwoofer does not sound integrated with the soundbar very well. The bar itself at low volumes has the tonal quality that somewhat reminds me of a 70’s 9-volt transistor radio.

I know I’ll probably catch flak for this review but I have to warn those out there that are used to a higher quality of audio. High-end audio is one of those things that you don’t know you were missing it until you hear it and then try to go back to average cheap consumer grade gear. Kind of like a person who didn’t realize they needed glasses until they got a pair and saw what they were missing. If you haven’t heard the good stuff then you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about and will probably think this speaker sounds fine – I probably would have.

You can mask the weaknesses of this speaker quite a bit if you turn up the volume and turn down the bass a bit.

If you like it loud and you don’t mind bass that sounds like an addition to the music instead of a part of it then you might think this speaker is worth it.

I also bought this the last time it was offered a few months ago - and I am VERY pleased with it. It’s a $300 sound bar & sub-woofer for your TV, not a $3,000 high-end audiophile stereo/home theater system. For less than $300, I think it’s a GREAT value! It also came very securely packaged, so don’t worry about having it shipped.

It sounds a THOUSAND times better than the built-in speakers in my Samsung UHD TV (which should surprise absolutely no one… all built-in TV speakers suck). It has a nice full sound and can get as loud as you want - very loud - without distorting… and the sub-woofer will shake the whole room if that’s what you want (it has its own volume adjustment, so you can tune it to your taste/room.

It turns on and off automatically with my TV every time - and I’ve never had it come on by itself in the middle of the night (as I read about in some of the Amazon reviews - and I also have an Xbox One connected to my TV - some speculated that it’s automatic updating overnight may have triggered the sound bar to turn on).

My only complaint - and it’s a very minor one is the remote is very small, light and cheap-feeling - and you have to point it DIRECTLY at the soundbar for it to work. Because of it’s symmetrical design/button shapes/layout, it feels exactly the same in your hand when it’s upside down as when it’s oriented correctly, so if you pick it up in a darkened room, it’s hard to tell if you are holding it right-side up or not. It’s really not a problem for me though. I tend to set the volume at the beginning of a movie/program and leave it alone. If you’re one who constantly adjusts the volume throughout a movie to level it out, then you’re annoying. Uh… I mean, it might annoy you.

Anyway… bottom line, after using it nearly four months, I love it and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

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Just got mine in from this sale. I haven’t tested particularly w/ Family Guy, but noticed that using it on my Apple TV where i watch some online shows via YouTube and other apps the sound cuts in and out a few times in the first 10-15 seconds. Very odd behavior and rather annoying. My old system did not do this using optical audio, which I’m still using here w/ this system.