Klipsch R-20B Bluetooth Soundbar

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Klipsch R-20B Bluetooth Soundbar
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I’ve seen these at previous sales. People love the sound but aren’t crazy about the scant input options.

Anyone have experience?.. With the optical input, is it possible to have the soundbars automatically turn on when there’s input from the TV, the off again after a period of no signal?

I have one I bought here a few months back.

It is connected via optical to my LG LCD tv, and yes it auto turns-on and auto-turns off along with the TV. There is a 2-3 second delay once the TV is turned on, before the sound bar wakes up, but it works fine each time.

My only gripe is that I have YET ANOTHER remote to use when watching TV. I wish Klipsch had built in a volume and mute control that worked on a very common frequency, so that you could control the volume with a LG remote or even the remote from my Cox mini box.

It is possible to program the soundbar to accept your standard television remote input for volume up / down so that you can control it all from one remote (I did so - details on how to do it are in the paperwork that comes with the speaker).

I’m very happy with this speaker and it’s much superior to the Pinnacle soundbar/subwoofer set I had previously.

Why not get a universal remote? The Logitech Harmony 350 can often be had for under $25 for a refurb on ebay or at Fry’s, with the daily or weekly promote code, also for under $25 for a new one. It might actually be on sale this week, even. I kinda think I saw it in Sunday’s ad.

Got this in May for $10 more. I’m pleased with the sound quality, but there are a few drawbacks. The remote issue mentioned above is one, and I do not believe that the 20B has the capability to program a different remote. That is a different model number. I tried it, and no go. There was no paperwork describing that feature.

The trouble with the remote is that it just doesn’t work very well. It isn’t responsive. You have to angle it just right, even if the bar is right in front of it. Since you can’t get the feature on your TV to control the audio level, sounds from the bar are of extreme range. You may turn it up to hear voices, but then the sound of gunfire could wake neighbors. Trying to quickly grab the remote and mute it or turn it down seems to require a good 30 seconds before you get it all set, and then you subsequently have to turn it up again because you can’t hear the voices. Also, you try to hit one particular button, and another responds. Yes, a universal remote would help.

I had issue once at 3 in the morning when my sound bar suddenly woke up and started playing AC/DC. I think a neighbor must have been doing some bluetooth pairing and my soundbar (even though it was off) suddenly paired and started blasting music. Only happened once.

So, if you can live with the extreme volume range and remote issues, it is good. Much better than the Vizio I traded it out for. Good dynamic range.

I have had this for about 6 months. It has replaced my surround system which I am not missing since the sound is so good out of this.

I have not had a problem programming other remotes to work with this. My Samsung ks8000 tv remote works perfectly with it. Also, I programmed my spectrum cable remote to work with it. The only drawback with the spectrum remote is that you have to program the aux button to control it. So when you want to change volume, you have to press the aux button, then change volume, and the press the cable button to change the channels again.

I highly recommend this!

One thing Klipsch has always been good with is the high dynamic range. It reproduces the sound as it was meant to be reproduced.

Many movies and shows crank up the explosions, club scenes, etc. So yes, when you set it for dialog, those shows are going to blast you with the louder parts.

I guess there’s no setting to compress the dynamic range on this product? Like a “night” mode.

This does look to be one of the better sound bars with a 10" Sub no less!

Klipsch speakers have great sound but the internals suck. They don’t last long before they burn up.

I bought one a few months ago.
Yes it will turn on when it receives an optical input. Yes it will turn off after a delay.
If your current remote is IR, then yes you can program your TV remote. I never had to use the klipsch remote. Go on amazon there are a lot of reviews.

Unfortunately, I returned mine. Either the subwoofer was way under powered or I had a defective one. Even with the sub turned to max, it was barely noticeable. I talked with Klipsch and the customer service was excellent. They ended up sending me a whole new amp/control board for the sub. I replaced it and then couldn’t get that to pair with the sound bar. By then I was frustrated and just wanted something else.

If the subwoofer would have had a good kick to it, like the reviews make it sound like it should, it would be a great bar.

I was able to program my AT& T remote to work it. FYI

I purchased last time around and absolutely love it. Have it connected via optical to my LG LCD and control everything with my Xfinity remote. Single remote, awesome sound, it looks handsome. No complaints at all.

I have this soundbar and would highly recommend it. The sound is excellent. There are no other inputs other than the optical and Bluetooth. The soundbar “wakes up” when the TV is turned on. And goes off a few seconds after the TV is turned off.

If I wanted to get some other speakers in the future to create a surround sound system, would I have to start from scratch again or could I “add on” to this? Obviously a speaker newbie here…

I’ve had the exact opposite experience. I have a set of the original 4 spkr with subwoofer pc speakers from early 2000s still work awesome. A home theater setup using their RF line that is 10 years old and does more than its job. And finally I have a 20B that was purchased when they first came out and its the best bar I’ve heard. Currently I have it on a LG tv. Both TV and Directv remotes are used with it.

Klipsch hasn’t been around for as all as they have by making a bad product.

Short answer - NO.

FWIW I purchased 2 in May, and am very pleased with it, as a soundbar. I have it hooked to a Samsung 60" LED via optical, and was able to utilize the Samsung remote for volume control.

It’s a wonderful step up from the Samsung soundbar I had prior. IMHO it out performs the majority of HTIB’s you can purchase in store i/e target, BB, etc. Although it’s not a 5.1 it does fill the room with sound. It has a crisp clear sound that Klipsch is known for, and the 10" sub creates a nice rumble when necessary.

Pros -

  • great price
  • Cheap shipping
  • Superior sound quality (as compared to other systems in this price)
  • 10" remote sub, with individual volume control
  • Included optical Cable
  • Ability to use standard TV remote


  • The 3D sound mode is useless - think of listening to your phone speaker through the bottom of a plastic cup - that’s about as “3D” as this feature

  • The Bluetooth is shotty after about 10-12ft with obstructions (couch, table wall etc) but still performs well in direct line of site.

  • a bit bulky when on a shelf, as compared to a Samsung Sound bar, but that’s because this has much larger speakers

  • the remote sucks.

I bought one of these a while ago as well. I have a Toshiba tv, but I was able to program the volume and mute on the tv remote to control the soundbar. I don’t remember how I did it now but it was in the manual I think.

can you pair bluetooth headphones with it?