Klipsch R-24F Floorstanding Speaker (Each)

Klipsch R-24F Floorstanding Speaker (Each)

Frys has been having some killer deals on the Klipsch Reference series lately. If you can find a store with them in stock, they have the 28Fs for $139 at the moment. Makes me wonder if Klipsch is coming out with a replacement for the Reference series, so everyone’s trying to unload what’s soon to be ‘old’ stock. Really great speakers regardless.

I actually just bought RP-260F (Premeires). Seems to be a much more powerful and long lasting model for $200 on clearance from Frys. Not sure how many more they have but shipping was free too even!

Klipsch already came out with an updated reference line last year. You can find them at Best Buy. They did a complete redesign of the reference line, and an update to the reference premier line.

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Ah, cool. Didn’t know that. I really only follow the speaker market when I’m in the market to buy.

So I have two 6" speakers in the wall next to my projector screen in my home theater, but no center speaker, sub-woofer or rear speakers yet. Could these serve the purpose of both a sub-woofer and the rear speakers, or would they be too much? I see 2 sets of speaker connections in the picture for these speakers, but can’t tell how they’re labeled/routed.

Short answer, yes. Sort of… Firstly, without a sub-woofer your system would simply push all the bass to the tower speakers. That would sound okay. You would be missing the big rumbling, booming low end that’s so wonderful during movie time, but it’s not for everyone. Secondly, the two sets of speaker connections, IMHO, are more for bi-wiring than anything else. But I could be wrong, may also be useful for daisychaining.

In your set up, you really would not be using a center channel at all so the amp/receiver would simply divide frequencies up between the towers and your current speakers. If you were entertaining buying 4 of these (2 in front, 2 surround speakers) then YES, OVERKILL, IMHO. Very little actual sound comes out of surround speakers so it would be a waste, I think. Personally I think a good center channel is more important in addition to two towers. Hope that helped.

You don’t want these as rear surrounds. You’d be spending extra money on the wrong product.

These aren’t quite powerful enough to work without a subwoofer. I have the larger Klipsch floorstanding speakers 6.5" woofers, and if the subwoof is switched off, I often go for days without noticing. But when it comes to a big movie moment, I realize something is missing right away.

These are perfect for someone who might be in an apartment and wants to avoid bothering the neighbors while still getting a decent low range with excellent mid and high clarity.

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No, these would not, and can not fill the role of a subwoofer. The could work as rear channels, but large floorstanding speakers as rears, when your fronts are small in wall units, wouldn’t make much sense. Adding a center channel is a good idea. You want one closely match to your left and right front speakers.

A subwoofer would make a very large difference in sound as well.

Speakers like these have 2 sets of binding posts for bi-wiring or bi-amping. The top set of binding post go to the tweeters, the bottom set of binding posts go to the woofers. If your home theater reciever is capable, you can run speaker wire to each, with the reciever powering each separately. This is bi-amping. You can also run 2 sets of wires from one output on the receiver, and connect one of each speaker wires to the top and bottom binding posts. This is bi-wiring. With a speaker such as this, you wouldn’t notice much, if any noticable difference. In my opinion, it’s pretty overhyped to bi-wire, and most affordable receivers dont properly bi-amp either. For most people, leaving the jumper posts in place and using one set of speaker wires is just fine.