Klipsch RCR-3 In-Ceiling Loudspeaker (Pair)

wtf crap

now you can trick your guests into believing jesus is singing to them from the ceiling!



Do these work with lighted golf balls?


just hope that you don’t have water ceiling damage…

Please let there only be one…err two

Klipsch is a great brand in my book!

Music for ceiling cat?

So it’s safe to assume that woot! owns stock in Klipsch…

Built FROM 2000 to 2004? Pass.

More wall mounted speakers!!

Wow! this should take a while maybe I can actually get some work done.

Morrison’s Animal Man = One of the best runs in the last 20 years.

could be the killer!

Why do we want these?

will these work with a mac?

Put it in the floor and people will think someone is buried under your house…