Klipsch RCW-3 In-Wall Loudspeaker (Pair)

Yes, buy 3

need bags of crizap

“your one inch tweeter” haha

Yes, buy 3

what a loud piece of speakers…
love it…

probably nice, but no need

um who wants this?

Please by 3 and get back to us! :slight_smile:

Built from: 2000
Built until: 2004

Sitting in a warehouse for 4 years. Lots of luck getting in fixed. Even more luck if it works

really? I’m disappointed u ppl have these 2 sell.

Great deal if you need them.

$380 over at Overstock.com and Vanns.com



WOOT OFF CHECKER, for you noobs this is where you can get a list of things already sold in the Woot Off

guess i can make my taco hell run now…

Woot! for speakers!
About time we get some audio items in this Wootoff…

New - 4 years (at least) old speakers.

This will only sell out quickly if they only have 5 of them available.

Sweeeeeeeet. More speakers

Add this to the 6 in ceiling I bought, and the surround from earlier, add about 300 watts fo dxrive, and I’m g2g!

Live Woot-off! coverage via Stickam:

(We’re a knock-off, and we’re proud of it!)

I love me some Klipsch.

In-Wall? Not so much.