Klipsch Reference 12" 600W Subwoofer

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Klipsch Reference 12" 600W Subwoofer
Price: $389.99
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Just looked at the close-up pic of the back…

Holy cow! It goes to 11!!!

So it’s one louder!

Dang, I just bought this a few months ago for $520, which was a deal. Let me tell you this thing sounds incredible. Such solid sound, even at lower levels. Higher levels, I’ve literally had something fall of my wall.

I wish it were avail in black via Woot.

I previously purchased the JBL SUB550P Premium 10" 300W Powered Subwoofer on woot.

In your expert opinions, is this a worthwhile upgrade for me?

Hurry! Amazon has the black version for $353 but there’s only one left…

Edit… sorry I have the wrong model number. This looks like a good deal…

Get two is you can afford it, nothing but upside in having multiple!

I’m still using the previous model, the RW-12d, two of them, and they are great for the price.

This one is 600W vs mine which are 500W peak, highly recommend for the price.

I would say No, They JBL might be more musical, although if you looking for Movie theater effect, Klipsch is what they put in theaters.

Another thing is that the JBL has a crossover built in with speaker level input and outputs. That’s a nice feature especially is you using the sub for music.

Omg such a a worth while upgrade. Klipsch is amazing, and this sub is one of the best rated on the web.

I don’t care for marketing this as 600 Watt, when its really 300 Watt Rms. That’s misleading

Thank you @spdmsw - good advice!

I honestly think your good with what you have. My advice would be to explore used subs, you can get them for much less, and audiophiles tend to take care of their equipment.

My neighbor has had one of these for about a year now.First time I heard it he played a RUSH cd and this thing ripped my face off. It played that loud, hit hard and tight, with no distortion! I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face…unbelievable compared to my 10" 250 watt Sony Sub.
Excellent price on this too!