Klipsch Reference 12" 600W Subwoofer

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Klipsch Reference 12" 600W Subwoofer
Price: $389.99
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8/10/2017 - $389.99

Ahhh, the good 'ol days of a 12" woofer in a wooden box.

All you millennials with iPhones have no clue what music was like when all we had was rotary phones and TV’s without remotes.

No Pandora, oh the horror!

(although I seem to remember the good 'ol days with 12" woofers being a little less expensive, even for Klipsch?)

This is powered with an amp, price is in line. Nothing audio grade for sure, but a decent woofer.

I also remember when speakers had a protective fabric over them. What’s with so many speakers having exposed cones these days? Just a way to insure they’re more likely to get damaged and have to be replaced?

This my wooters is a great deal! I think everyone should buy 2!

They all come with removable fabric grilles still (note the four holes on the face of it where the grille mounts). They usually don’t show them in the photos since people are buying the speaker.

Cloth grill right there in the photos.

Nobody is going to point out that the gain goes to eleven? Clearly worth the price since it’s one louder.

Thought you were just making a Spinal Tap reference but then saw the picture and it actually does go to 11. Nice!

I simply call it the days of uncompressed audio!

Actually saying it has 600 watts can be miss-leading. It has 300 watts RMS. RMS (root mean squared) is a better way to measure power of an amplifier. RMS is an average continuous power rating. This is still a great subwoofer and a fair deal. You would still need an audio system to use it on, but for a home theater this thing will kick some serious butt. I have the 10" version on one of our home theater systems and have been very pleased with it.

You “bluetooth” listeners don’t know what you are missing.

what’s pandora?

This is not “audio grade”?

I would have to seriously disagree.

I’m not a big Klipsch fan and I am not familiar with this particular unit but I bought one of their subs for my living room a few years back. This was for casual listening so a high end unit was not necessary but the reviews on that particular unit were good.

I was quite surprised that it sounded much better than I had expected. It continues to perform well so needless, to say I am a happy camper.

Bring back the mirage speaker.

not real wood. Misleading , polymer veneer is plastic.

I have the black version of this speaker and I’m very pleased with it. Some woofers I tried in the store were muddy. They made a low rumble but not really a note if you know what I mean. “Thump” but not a “B-flat Thump”.

This one makes a “B-flat” thump and is powerful enough to rattle the pictures in my (agreed, small-ish) living room across from it (I need to secure the bottom edge of the pics with command-strips or something).

Update: I just double-checked and I have this speaker’s little brother. The R-10SW. 10" and 150 watts while this is 12" and 300 watts. Still, very pleased with mine and this may be another in a good series.

Do you mean the page or the forum comments? I can’t see anywhere on the page where we say it is actually wood…

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