Klipsch RF-35 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Pair)

no you’ll never get them all, just accept it.


going gone …wow

Great for my Yugo!

Buy buy buy! Let’s not lose steam now… I thought those forks were going to be the end of us all. Priase the deity of your choice for suckers.

I have been waiting for this woot for months, but had no idea that it would be a one-fer, and that i would get it. Woot!

Now for the subwoofer.

likey… needy, current home speaks cones are held in place with electrical tape…

Get on the Fry’s email list. They put Polks on sale more or less every month for about half this. They’re almost as good speakers, as long as your amp is big enough. Many people even prefer the sound of the Polks (they’re even more dynamic than Kilpsch).

I got a pair when the where the daily months ago. I’m kind of glad they only had one today cause I damn near bought another set, freaking awesome. I need a better reciever now.

I’ve seen them for the same price or higher for ONE, not a pair(plus S&H). Where have you seen them?