Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones

Using them even as I type this review. Bought a week ago. Very impressed with the clarity of the sound. Comfortable earbuds. People I’ve spoke to on iPhone say that the mic quality is good, too. Moderately good noise canceling/dampening.

Caveat: Have not used them in the “rugged” outdoors…but so far, I like 'em.

The sound is ok. The volume/play remote is very heavy and if you are doing anything other than sitting it will bounce around and pull the earbuds out of your ears. The earbuds themselves are uncomfortable to me.

I hated mine until I replaced the rubber part with a three flange part available on Amazon. Makes all the difference in sealing and staying put.

I am extremely hard on headphones, I tend to go through them every few months. I got a pair of these a few months back and they’re still going strong. I like that the buttons are large and different shapes, so it’s easy to use if you’re focusing on something else.

My only tip is to try on a few of the different bud options they come with, I use the largest ones even though with a lot of other brands I use the small/medium option. The headphones used to pop out a lot for me until I changed out the earbud size, and now they stay in well and are still quite comfortable.

Spouse washed a pair with laundry (by accident) and commented on the quality, as they still worked. Must be good :slight_smile:

While the description alludes to it, it never specifically says that this is the iPhone version of these headsets. The S4A is the Android version. They do work fine on Android, however only the center button works. They make an Android app for programming the button but it works as well on these headphones as it does on the S4A, which is to say not very well at all. They sound pretty good though.

Finally getting around to posting about this woot. These are horrible. No better than any cheap $12 pair of no-name earbuds you could buy off the Mothership. Either mine are defective, or they are fake. The Apple earbuds that came with my iPhone 5 have FAR superior sound. It’s not even debatable. These are all midrange with barely a hint of bass.

Very disappointed wooter here.