Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones

Check out these comments from when these were offered in March


Time to check out the product page and check out this “excellent” review over at cnet

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Hey Woncoolone! Been seeing you around lately. Great to have the company!!

Can’t go wrong with Klipschhh. I have these and they are sturdy as hell. They stay in your ear quite well while running and work partially with android (e.g. Pause works with Pandora). My ears had to get used to them, but after 3 runs it was all good. =B

Probably nice but wires blow! They always get in the way while working out. Spend some $ and do yourself a big favor and get some nice blue tooth head phones. Wired headphones are plain lame.

I tend to agree, except that having to charge an additional device becomes a hassle if your ALWAYS listening to music. I have a bluetooth pair, and still use wired often since I dont have to worry about charge/battery time. it also makes a difference if you run long distance.

Just got mine in red; and the only controls that work with my LG Android is the PLAY button used to stop start tracks.
I thought possibly it was because these are the S4i model not the S4a… but reading reviews others have had the same experience with both.
They do sound great, though.

Has anyone tried using the Klipsch Control app or Headset Button Controller app to program the center button in Android? The extra ruggedness of this model tempts me even though I don’t have an iPhone.


Bought these here a while back and absolutely loved them. the convenience of the play/pause and volume controls for the iPhone is terrific while flying. Had to buy a second pair because the dog thinks they taste amazing. Rugged but not Fido proof.

I got these last time they were offered. I am one of those people who has spent hundreds trying to find earbuds that work in my very small, apparently odd shaped ears, primarily for active things like running, gym, mowing the lawn. These are perfect. So if you are one of those people who gives away the apple ear buds every time you get them, or always sucks it up and buys that one pair of aggravating dorky black on-ear headphones that the store carries next to hundreds of cool ear buds, these are very likely to work for you. I was amazed, going to buy another pair. They also come with several sizes of the soft insert covers, so even if your ears are standard or big these will fit. Two caveats: the controls are a bit annoying because they twist around often- I never use them anyway. And the sound and fit are so good, that I would not recommend these for any pursuit where you need feedback from the ambient environment to stay safe- you don’t want to bike in the city in these, they block too much external noise.

I’m about 70% in on these headphones. I got them the last time they were offered and use them pretty much exclusively while weightlifting.

With the controls, the cord for these headphones is pretty heavy and will tug on your ears or just plain pull the phones out of your ears.

The cord is nice in that it will not get tangled. The headphones feel pretty sturdy and I have no hesitation using them where they might get a weight dropped on them, pinched, pulled, etc.

Sound is pretty good. It is really good if I can find a way to keep them all the way in my ears, but I cannot, even after exhausting all of the headphone tips.

For 40 bucks (including shipping), this is a deal I would recommend. Any more, I think I would look the other way.

The volume control doesn’t work but the other controls do.

I bought these just a few weeks ago when they werent the headline woot sale.

Overall Im happy with it, even though I would have prefered a tamer color that that shade of blue.

The control buttons are massive though. I am clumsy and have big hands but man is that large. It also does weigh down the headphones a bit on your ears.

Sound quality is good, if you jam them in right it does a good deal of isolating out outside noise.

Ive only used them for a few days so I can’t say how durable they are.

If anyone in the Woot audience uses a cochlear implant you can rig up an awesome way to use earbuds like these with the implant for pennies. The problem with a cochlear processor is there’s no good way to listen to music except with standard headphones. With the Klipsch all you do is remove the little earbud silicon insert, take about 3/4 " of 1/4" plastic tubing, warm the end of the tubing a bit with a hairdryer, push one end onto the Klipsch where the silicon piece was, warm the other end of the tubing, and finally insert the microphone of the processor into the open end. You’ll want to trim down the plastic tubing first so there’s only about 1/4" sticking out from the earbud. This way you play music directly into the microphone, cutting out external noise and…well…space where sounds get lost. The guy at the hardware store gave me a 1" piece of tubing free, so it didn’t cost me anything but boy does it work.

Anybody seen them all in person and can suggest which of these 4 extremely bright colors is the least, um, vivid?

Very dissapointed with these, if you want bass then these are not for you. I use them to talk on my phone, not for music.

These are not worth purchasing. I bought a pair on a previous woot and they are terribly uncomfortable to wear and difficult to keep in your ear. Mine ended up in the trash can because they were so difficult to wear.

To anybody that’s having trouble with these pulling out of the ears try looping the cord OVER the ear from behind before inserting the tips in your ear. Use the same L/R orientation as printed on each bud. This works like a dream for me.

I have a few sets of these Klipsch earbuds (S4i, X10, S4i rugged) and this method works for all of them. An added benefit is it brings the control up closer to be just above the collar so I’m not digging in my shirt as I run the cord under a shirt to keep it from getting snagged on drawer pulls, lawnmower handle, doorknobs, etc.

Get ready to have your mind blown. Put the headphones in your ear. Then drop the cord underneath your shirt. Place the cord into your phone/mp3 player. Put the phone in your pocket or hold it. Boom!