Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones

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Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones
Price: $34.99
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pretty good reviews over at cowboom.com and check out this “excellent” review over atcnet and the product page

From reading the past reviews, I wish we’d be offered the S4a that works with Android. But I’m strictly going off past reviews.

Anyone out there had a positive experience using this model with Android?

Does this work with non-APPLE products. God! I hate apple for its proprietary functionality. I use Creative products.

Were these just $29.99 on Sellout 24 hours ago? Red and orange though.

Different Klipsch?: Klipsch Synergy F-30 Floorstanding Speaker

Gotta say don’t buy these if you have an android phone. And personally I think they suck as they will not stay in my ear regardless of what size rubber cover I use.

I like them, but the volume buttons don’t work. You can get the pause/play to work fine.

I bought them to use with my iPod originally, and now use them with my Android phone. I thrash a pair a year, but I long distance run and am really hard on them, run them through the washer, bend the strain relief like the dickens… overall only oval inserts really fit my ear.

Just got mine in the mail from the woot off last week (red/black). So far I really like them. It took me a minute to figure out which ear buds to use and how to actually fit them in my ear, but they seem to be really comfortable now and sound great. Controls work fine with my iphone/ipad. We’ll see how they hold up.

You know I have a pair of Koss headphones I paid $5 and I bet they’re better quality than these. Woot used to have things I’d buy.

make sure do do a quick search and see how freakishly large that control module and mic is. may be a positive for some, but a large (no pun intended) dealbreaker for me.

I very much doubt that. These aren’t the best buds in the world or anything but they certainly have better sound quality than a $5 pair of Koss buds/headphones.

This is what I am referring to.

I have owned a pair of these for over a year and would not recommend them to others. Sound quality is good but they are too heavy to run with. If the rubber peice wasn’t so heavy they would be great. I don’t even wear them when watching a movie on my computer. Sorry if this is a buzz kill but better to know than not.

Personally, I would ignore most of the comments in this thread, except any pertaining to apple/android. I purchased my first set of these for my fiance over a year ago, and she has small ear holes if you will, and they work perfectly for her. They sound great, we scrapped her rather poor sounding beats for these and she loves them, and runs with them daily. Yes she has an iphone and they work flawlessly with them.

After stealing hers so often, I picked up my own pair and a spare set last time they were on woot, and I am in love with them as well. Agreed the control remote is rather large, but I can deal with that for the sound quality and price point. While I have android and can’t quite utilize all the functions, the remote still works decently with my GS5. I have what you would deem large ear holes…and I still have no problem.

As with most things that people like to complain about not working, it usually can be narrowed down to user error. I work out and run and jump rope all while using these ear buds and have never had them fall out. If you read the directions, they specifically state to wrap the cord over and behind the ear and this simple trick has prevented mine and hers from ever dislodging during use. Further, Klipsch supplies a clip for fixing the cord to your apparel if the ear trick for some reason is still not enough.

I simply think reviews should be written bias free, all apple/android fan-boys aside as it is a product review, submit feedback to the manufacturer and leave it at that, or buy from someone else.

Human error, the ultimate weakness.
I would definitely recommend this product. There’s my two sense and kindling, flame if it makes you feel better.

I have had these (regular s4i) for over a year, and they are great. The sound is pretty great, bordering on too much bass. But hey, I love my RUSH, so I won’t complain.

As far as the fit, make sure you are actually wearing them correctly. You initially put them in like regular buds, then rotate 180 degrees, so that the cord is coming out of the top, and gets tucked around your ear. they basically screw deeper into your ear, and fit very tight.

I got these for use on a 17 hr flight to South Africa, the tight fit made helped keep out much of the airplane noise.

Hope this helps.

Everytime a set of headphones with the three button remotes gets posted to woot, a bunch of people complain that they won’t work with Android and wish the Android version was available.

In reality, probably 90% of Android phones will work just fine with all of these headset. The mic works, the play/pause/answer/hang up button in the middle works just fine. Only the +/- keys are Apple specific.

And the irony is that most “Android” headsets are just the same as the iOS version, minus the +/- buttons. So in effect, with the iOS version, you’re just getting the exact same functionality as the Android version, two of the three buttons don’t work.

So if you have an Android phone, unless it’s an older phone, it’s going to work fine. I’ve used these with my old EVO as well as my current Galaxy S4. They work fine, and the middle button works.

Lot of misinformation posted every time on these, and I suspect it scares off some people. I have this exact headset, and the mic and middle button work great on my Android phone.

Excellent functionality and very thoughtfully designed. Precise fit Enhances sound clarity and eliminates the need to continually re-fit in ears.

So where am I supposed to wish Happy Birthday WOOT​:heart::heart::heart: