Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones

All of my Android-specific earphones have working +/- buttons, which I use a lot. On some iPhone-specific earphones, the mic also will not work on some Android phones. It is a hit-or-miss thing and I’m not about to waste my time or money to find out. If it says “iPhone compatible”, I look elsewhere.

Are there really people who will spend $35 for ear buds?

Here’s what Lifehacker had to say about them in their ‘Five Best Earbuds’ article.

Source: Five Best Earbuds

I’d rather spend $35 on 1 set of earbuds than $15 on 4 sets of earbuds for the same period of time.

If these are truly rugged and can last more than 3 months of sustained use, they might be worth it.

ANyone who has these… can you tell me how long they are?

I am taller than most people and I need a headset that reaches from my ears all the way to pocket of my pants. Many others are too short.

I know this is not the forum, but I do not buy anything that will support the Klipsch family.

For anyone complaining about fit problems and the ear buds falling out, take a look at these:

They’re a little costly, but WELL worth it!

I bought a set of the S4a over a year ago and had issues with fit. I happened to find these, bought a three-pack of the “Isolation Plus”, and have never had a single problem with them falling out, feeling uncomfortable, having a bad seal in the ear canal, etc. These actually make the headphones sound better than stock because they isolate the outside world even more than the stock buds.

They seem to be sold out, because I can’t order them. They aren’t telling me which colors are sold out, so I’m at a loss.

Just curious, but what brand and model do you have that have +/- buttons that work on Android, outside the ones specifically made by the manufacture of a specific phone like the pack in Samsung with the Samsung phones? I think some that came with a Nexus variant also worked with that specific phone, and HTC made one for their older phones. However, outside of those, I’m not sure there is a true standard and universal way of doing volume/track skip stuff.

Not saying they don’t exist, but Apple seems to have a patent on how their volume buttons work that varies the resistance on one of the lines. The play/pause function is simply a case of shorting out the wires (mic wire I think), and that’s not patented by them. I have never been able to find any kind of standard that is supported by google and all the Android handset makers that makes a universal Android remote possible outside of the play/pause function.

So I am very interested in what your using, as I’d like to research how they’re able to work across the board on Android.

But my point still stands, the vast majority of “Android” headsets like the above mentioned Klipsch 4SA just have one button, and any iOS headset will work just like that. Mics work, and play/pause/answer/hang up works.

Are you thinking that’s low or high?

Because these are a pretty good buy. Very comfortable for my ears (vs some much more expensive ones I own), and good if not amazing sound.

But people will pay up to $300 for really good IEMs. Most I’ve spent is around $100, but I keep coming back to the mid-ranged Klipsch like these because they fit me very well, and that’s important in something that goes all the way into the ear canal.

Mhm, and why not?

LOL. Everyone has priorities. I say the same thing about people who pay an arm and a leg for a pair of jeans or a shirt. The answer is a definate yes. And people will pay a lot more. Music and tech enthusiasts that value quality sound, understand that price for high quality is often expensive.

I will also comment on these earbuds, since I own a pair. I bought them mainly because Klipsch is such a reputable brand for headphones and sounds in general. These earbuds have quality sound and they stay in your ears well. I personally use mine while biking and I haven’t had much trouble with them at all. I will not recommend them for everyday use for one reason. You could set a places for family of four on the music controller. It’s MASSIVE. I was hoping to use these earbuds the all the time, but the controller is too d@#n large. If you are looking for earbuds for everyday use I would recommend the s4i premiums. They have the same sound quality without the bulky controller.

Klipsch is now owned by Audiovox IIRC, too. So not sure how much anything has to do with them.

Also unaware of any controversy.

I used them on several flights recently. Also use them when mowing the lawn. Great for noise blocking and good sound.

FYI, had a pair of these that broke after 2 months. Something in the wiring…you had to bend the wire right where the jack plugged into the phone almost 90 degrees to get any sound…honestly I’d pass even though it’s a great price. Ormaybe I just got a bad pair?

I bought these about 10 months ago here on Woot. I will echo some of the other comments in regards to how difficult it is to have them stay in your ear while you’re exercising. I’ve read the directions and wrapped them around my ear and done all that, and yet they still do fall out relatively easily.

Having said that, I think that the sound quality and fit are great if you are sitting at your desk, commuting, traveling, etc. If you want a pair of great sounding earbuds, but you don’t expect to use them for exercising (even though they are advertised as such), I would just get them for this price and then use another pair for workouts.

All of mine have lasted well over a year before having cable issues, but the ones where I have had problems, Klipsch has been excellent about sending me replacements, no questions asked. I think the warranty on this particular set is 2 years, and I didn’t even have to send my old ones back.

I’ve had several sets over the years, and only a couple have broken as you describe. One I know was nearly at the two year warranty mark, and they replaced them.

So if you had yours quit working, email Klipsch support. They’ll take care of you.

I used the s4I with an Android phone. The sound works great for listenting ONLY the buttons on the controller for the headphones do not play well with Android. The microphone doesn’t work. Press any button while listening to music on an Android and the music pauses. Not a pleasant experience unless you are using them only to listen to music. Forget the mic and control buttons.

What phone? The mic has worked on my HTC Evo, Samsung Galaxy S4, and my wife’s HTC One. Also her old Nexus S.

Some older Samsung phones used a different standard for mics, but most modern stuff is fine.

Bought these last time they were on Woot. As others have stated, the sound controller is far too large and there is some additional weight which would not allow me to create a great seal in my ears. The additional “double” tips that came with them worked the best for me. I’m not using them with the phone, just to listen while laying in bed. My full sized Sennheiser’s are too large to keep on, these are great!
The sound quality is not in the same league as a good set of full headphones, but for this price, they are better than any ear buds I have used. Mid to highs are fairly accurate, just don’t expect much on bass which is fine with me

jurrien74 wrote:
("For anyone complaining about fit problems and the ear buds falling out, take a look at these:

They’re a little costly, but WELL worth it! ")

Thanks for this link, will be purchasing from them TODAY!!