Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones

why is the man in the photo crawling around?

He dropped one of the little rubber pieces off his old headphones and he’s looking for it.

I bought these last time Woot had them on sale. I have to say it took some extensive messing around with to get them at their optimal performance, but it was worth it. I thoroughly enjoy them.

  1. They need a really good burn-in period. Youtube pink noise 100 hours or something and play that at 55-75% max volume. Play all your music on your device as well. That should be enough to burn them in thoroughly. They just don’t sound right straight from the box

  2. The ear pieces really need to be shoved in your ear to get good bass and have the noise isolation. It works well with a lot of practice. I use these almost strictly for exercise, so ear wax buildup and sweat pushing the buds out of your ear is a problem, but the next step is how to alleviate that

  3. After much fidgeting and almost making my own foam tips, I use the double flanged tips with the sport cord positioning featured in the manual that comes in the packaging. This really helps them stay in your ears for extended periods of time without losing the seal and falling out.

My only complaint with these headphones is that the nature of the product is to seal your ear canal to create the noise-isolation, but in doing so kind of pushes/stretches the skin there. After extended use (like a plane flight), my ears really hurt. I’ve been using them almost daily for months and still my ear canals hurt after using them for 1hr+

Otherwise, love them and the multifunction buttons are so handy.