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Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at crutchfield.com

Just go to AmazonPrime and get this instead…

Mpow® Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Stereo.

Set yourself free with a bluetooth set that has a quality sound equal to this advertised set.

I really like these things. Got them a couple months ago when they came around these parts and they’re a great “go-to” pair of buds.

It seems they’re marketed as athletic headphones, but I think the little play/volume control panel is just a bit too heavy for that not to be annoying.

As a pair of work headphones or something, though, would recommend. If you’re okay with buds that go relatively far into your ear, you’ll like these. Sound quality is very good. I’d never pay the “original price” for these, but ~$32 is good for a pair of “throw into your laptop bag” earbuds that will last you a while rather than chain-buying crappy pharmacy ones.

Klipsch makes quality high end products for people that actually enjoy what their music should sound like.

If you want cheap bluetooth headphones that some random manufacturer makes (mpow makes all kinds of bluetooth things, they are not an audio manufacturer) then go right ahead and assault your ears.

How can you make these claims when the Mpow website and manual both fail to list any technical specs of the speakers themselves? Instead they state how long the battery lasts, it’s range and how to pair it. That’s it. Klipsch goes into explain in detail every technical aspect of their product.

Specs may mean absolutely nothing to some people, but for those wanting or needing absolutely sound quality, we opt for nicer devices.

I bought a pair of these the last time around. In retrospect they seem rather pricey. Sound quality is poor and lacks depth. They are marketed as athletic earbuds, but they don’t stay in my ears if I do anything more than sit still. I bought some $10 Sony buds that sound better and stay in my ears.

Woot needs a “weekly” section. These could be the flagship product. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, decent set of headphones for this price-point. Check back weekly for more sales on this item.

I got these last time around. I was very happy with them for 6 months or so. Then they died, first the left then the right quickly. Klipsch did however stand up to their warranty and sent me a new pair of R6i (I think). They said the S4i rugged was no longer manufactured. I didn’t try them out yet.
I have to agree with one of the other posters, that the remote is heavy, but at the same time I liked the size. Very good in the winter, when wearing gloves.

Can you throw them over a beam and swing across a crevasse?

are you a sales rep for Klipsch? maybe 40 years ago they were making high-end audio speakers. now they are just middle of the road. certainly better than the junk that is included with cell phones, but they are definitely not hi-end audio.

does anyone know if these can be fitted with the memory foam-type tips, instead of the included silicone rubber tips?

Do these fit far enough inside that they will not cause pain when wearing with a helmet? I am always looking for a good set that doesn’t cause out ear pain when work with a helmet.

I wear these comfortably with a 3/4 motorcycle helmet. I also think they sound great. I’m not exactly an audiophile, but certainly appreciate decent sound and these please me.

I’ve used these every day for over a year. They’re great headphones. I personally like my S4i’s a litttttle better with the no tangle cord, but these are definitely a bit more durable.

Yes, they can. Although I make my own tips out of foam earplugs from Home Depot (a pack of 30 is about $6).

These earphones sounded great, but the wires at the volume control came out after a few months. After that, I decided to stick with $10 earbuds. I don’t need perfect sound quality when I’m running, but I DO need something that won’t break mid-run, and those last long than these “rugged” ones.

I owned both and prefer the MPOW for a reasonable price. This Klipsch set here is a decent ear set but do yourself a favor and try the MPOW I mentioned and hear it for yourself. But if you insist on judging sound quality based on what’s advertised in the literature by the manufacturer, well, that’s your fault.

Can these be used with a Samsung Galaxy phone, or only Apple iphone?

These are offered on here so often I’m starting to wonder if they will get their own site…
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