Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones

**Item: **Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones
Price: $34.99
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Condition: New

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Buy two pairs. The audio quality is grand for the cost, but the shielding is trash. These buds only lasted 2 months after I started working out with them, and I’m no Tony Horton. Sad pandas.

This isn’t the right pair

These are the correct ones: http://www.amazon.com/Klipsch-Image-S4i-Rugged-Headphones/dp/B008PEVH0K

Here’s the right amazon.com customer reviews for the Klipsh Rugged…


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I’m in for 3 pairs. My kids are home-schoolers and these will be perfect for school, or even a walk with their iPods & iPhones!

Cnet review for the rugged
Product Page for the rugged

Solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com

If I didn’t already own these in non-sport I’d grab them quick. They definitely block sound, are comfortable enough to wear for a while. I have big ass ears with normal sized holes and even the small tip it fits nice [not blocking sound; i like to use them at work].

The sound is bad ass too. I had some that were the previous gen’s iteration of these and the S4 seems to fill your head with good lows and not twangy sounding treble. Good for guitar solo’s and screwd up bass.

Not gonna lie tho. Overall build quality is okay not great. i dont bunch them up in my jeans, but hey it comes with a pouch and i use it. Thats why this sport design is appealing to me.

Overall. I’d say they are worth the 35$, it’s 40 bucks you’re gonna spend on 2-3 pairs of cheap other ones.

I have a pair for 18 months. They have a big design flaw in the fact that the remote is too heavy plus there is not any place to attach a shirt clip on it(you could attach it to the wire but that has its own problems). So they fall out of your ears too easily. No surprise they are here at this price. Beware…

Woot must have known that I had been looking at these (and the normal S4s) for a couple weeks, because I just purchased the normal S4s from the mothership.

What the heck. In for 1.

FYI from what I’ve read, the large control on the Ruggeds is heavy enough to consistently pull the earbuds from your ears; to prevent this, the instructions recommend that the cord be wrapped around the ear when used for athletic endeavors.

Absoloutely! I’ve been waiting for a quality set of buds to use in the gym ( ever since I lost my last pair). I cant recall the last time Woot had a pair of buds that were compatible with the idevices listed. Im in for 1!

I’ve bought several ear buds which were well reviewed, none of them blocked much outside sound. Gel tips just don’t have enough mass to have an effect. I really doubt these are any different.

Grab em. These are fantastic. I own them and use them almost every day. Had the regular (non-“rugged”) model before and they were same sound quality but definitely did not hold up - cable eventually pulled out and frayed. For the money these are truly the best and I am a headphones obsessive - especially for in-ear style. These really block out outside noise, and have a good neutral sound. Not too much bass and not too tinny. I have wide-ranging musical taste and listen to rock, classical, country. Folk, jazz, classical, world. Everything sounds great!

I got these open box for about the same price. I really like them - they are well worth it. They are strong and aren’t going to get damaged easily (I’m hard on headphones.) I think they do block sound well enough (I use them on the bus occasionally). Like one poster said, the remote is too big and heavy. I usually use them while riding a bike or walking. The size of the remote is an issue if you are running because, without a clip, you can feel it every time you come down and you can hear the rattle travel up the cord to your ears. They almost cause the buds to come out sometimes. I’ve had both the rugged and regular kind. The review over at cnet is spot on that hasn’t been posted.

Can anyone tell me if they come in
retail packaging.
Are they gift quality?

Yeah I also have these… love 'em. Takes me about a year to kill them distance running, the sound is good and they are very comfortable. I always wrap the cord once, and tuck the remote in the front of my shirt, which cuts down on the cord noise. (I have to tuck one of the two 'phones, anyway, for safety.)

Great timing, I’m about to bust this pair, got about a month left.

I’m on my third pair of Klipsch S4i headphones. They tend to break after about a year (dead left earphone, frayed wire near the headphone jack, design flaw) but Klipsch honors the warranty with absolutely no fuss, you don’t even have to ship your dead phones back. With the sound quality you get at this price, I have no complaints. They’re my favorite headphones, even if they are a bit disposable.

I know these are the “rugged” variety but amazon reviews confirm they have the same fraying issue. Woot, can you confirm whether or not you count as an “authorized online dealer” for the purposes of Klipsch warranty?

“3-button remote lets you precisely control iPhone calls”

Can I also control calls and whatnot on the Galaxy SIII?

I see the same problem with these as other head sets. They don’t adjust the volume for each ear. Use to be they had a Left & Right volume control. If you don’t think that is important, look and see how many people are wearing hearing aids. most people have a hearing problem and don’t hear the same out of each ear.