Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones

Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones
Price: $34.99
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JUST purchased these with Airmiles - darn! They do a great job of blocking out external noise, to the point that talking on the phone is weird because I can’t properly hear my own voice! Definitely excellent value for the price.

They don’t seem that bad at all for the price. Here’s a comparison grid versus some much more expensive models, plus what you get now out of your Apple earbuds:

Graph Comparison

It artificially amplifies the bass range, however mids and highs do seem to be very well balanced, especially since we’re comparing it to IEMs for three times the cost.

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I bought these last time they were on. I like the sound, the fit isn’t perfect though. As other reviews state the controller is a bit too heavy so a clip is needed to keep the weight of it from dragging them out of your ears. The clip that came with these soon fell off.

Also the silicone tips have a bad habit of coming off, although not as easily as other pairs I’ve owned. Overall I’m pleased.

Check out these comments from when this was sold in August

Bought three last time on Woot, gave two of them to my grandchildren and put one up cause I knew the nine year old would loose them. Surprise…She still has them, uses them every day and no problems. She is a testament for how they work, she could tear up a steam engine. Finally got out the red ones and used them myself while mowing the yard. For $99 they sound OK for $35 they are great. Going to give the three today for Christmas presents.

Does anyone know if the remote works for android music apps? usually they only work with iphones… -__-

Queesy, you’re probably right these only work with iphones. There is the Klipsh image s4a that will work with android.

I purchased these at a big box store a couple years ago to use with an iphone. I still use them with other devices (remote doesn’t work for them). They have held up well and sound good for earbuds.

I’m actually really surprised about how flat the response is on the UE350. Sadly, for working out that wouldn’t be so great, as you need a little punchier bass outdoors.

They actually will work (mostly) with Android remote stuff. I believe I tested the basics like volume, the microphone, and play/pause, and while they are made to work with Apple devices, they still will serve quite well on an Android device, if you’re not too concerned about all the magic keypresses working. I tested this against a Galaxy Nexus (Sprint) running CyanogenMod and found it to be reliable for use in calls, even.

All in all, I’ve found the pair I’ve had for the past year to be quite rugged, and the sound quality is great. The one complaint is a little bit of plastic molding around the earpiece is split (the cable restraint) on both sides, but the earbuds are still solid, even after all my abuse, and it doesn’t affect the performance at all.

Yeah, the remote only works on select android phones, but if it works with your phone then it will work with your music app.

Very Good headphones. I bought them last time they were on sale on woot… What really surprised me was that the remote works on Macbook Pro … I can control System volume and play pause itunes using the remote buttons.

I dont know if all iphone headphones support that feature…

Here’s a CNET review:

Cheaper on EBAY and no tax or shipping!!

Are these compatible with iPod Touch 5?

I would echo the comments that the weight of the controller pulls the ear buds out of your ear too easily and that’s because the clip that comes with it was horribly designed, was de-attached and lost within days.

The fit of the earbuds is not very good either. I’m sure this is very personal to the user, because my wife has the same pair and loves their fit and has zero issues.

The sound is good and the controller works great, but I cant use these for jogging anymore because they fallout too easily…if you’ve had other fit issues with Klipsch, I would not recommend these…but if not an issue, my wife uses these daily and swears by them.

I think you’re confusing the UE350 graph for the one for ER4-P graph. UE350 has slightly more bass (to my ears and on the graph) than the S4i while the treble response is slightly better on the S4i.

I switch between a S4a and a UE350vm for my phone and a UE500 for when I exercise. They’re all decent IEMs. And at these prices, very good.

I’ve never been able to use any earplugs that say “iPhone” on my Android phones (both are HTC). They play the music but the controls and mic never work. I’ve given away several pairs of plugs to friends with iPhones because of that. Now I make sure they specifically say they are Android compatible before I buy them.

Yeah, things that are for iPhones are very hit or miss on Androids. I’ve had to return a few things as well that were iPhone only that I’ve tried to used on an HTC phone as well (Specifically, Etymotic Research hf2/hf3 and HTC Incredible 2).

You should probably see if you can if you can find a post about your specific headphone/smartphone combination to check it.

But that said, I’d be very tempted to get a pair of these if my HF2’s weren’t around.