Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones

Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones
Price: $34.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $9 Two-Day or *$12 One-Day
Condition: New

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**Item: **Klipsch S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones
Price: $34.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New
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Other than the control buttons being in the way of nearly every upper body workout there is, these are worth every cent.

Do you know if these headphones work with android phones?

what happened to the Roku???

It sold out and now we have replaced it with something that is not so that we may make more $$$.

Great reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at crutchfield

The crutchfield link spec page only shows apple products. Why cant they make a good quality headphone with mic like this that works with my Samsung Galaxy ??

Klipsch has some for android. This just isn’t one of them. Sorry. :frowning:

The i-less S4 works for Android.

The iPhone 5s isn’t listed on their Apple products page - but I don’t think the technology has changed much from the 5 to the 5s. Any ideas if it’ll work with one?

Received these as a gift in October 2012 and wear them 3-5 times per week for commuting. Unfortunately they aren’t that rugged. I have been through two pairs in 13 months. The cable is firm where it leaves the connector to the ipod and just north of that it shorts out. Klipsch has honored their two year warranty, but at this point I’m less inclined to return the pair that just died. Decent sound quality and I love the ability to control the music w/o messing with the ipod. The cable is long and can get in the way of running or other vigorous activity as well. Decent deal here but I hate products that wear out early.

Dang,and I was going to buy it it, too.

I purchased these little while ago for the same price from Woot. They pose their own challenges with clunky buttons that may or may not work with your device. They also may fall out of your ears when working out, even when you go over the top, as noted in the directions. After quite a bit of experimenting, I’ve managed to find the right combination of tips that work for me.

But to me, all that aside, they are worth every penny at $35 because of the great sound quality. If you get them and decide that they are not ideal for working out, I would just keep them as regular earphones and get another cheaper work-out pair.

What he said. I could never keep them from falling out and I tried the over the ear trick… the way they’re designed… it doesn’t work. So I don’t bother putting them on while jogging but they’re good for everything else.

I have several pairs of these S4s, including this version. These have been my favorite in-ears for a couple years now.

I regularly run with these in, and I don’t find that they slip out more than I would expect during rigorous activity. They generally stay in just fine unless I’m super sweaty in the ear hole. I’m not overly sure any in-ear would preform much better under those conditions.

As noted above, the control on this version is a bit bulky. I guess that’s handy when you are running.

I like them so much I just picked up a second pair. They come with different size ear buds and an ergonomic curve so fit shouldn’t be an issue. I could never go back to my $10 ear buds after wearing these. I mainly wear them working out or in the airport, they block out external noise great. I would highly recommend them for the price.

Just wanted to mention these are indeed rugged! My friend accidentally dropped them in a glass of water – after staying there overnight, they’re still usable with perfect sound. So now I’d feel pretty comfortable wearing them outside in the rain.