Klipsch Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

**Item: **Klipsch Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer
Price: $449.99
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Condition: New

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Klipsch Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer
Price: $449.99
Condition: New

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I must say Woot! has been having some great deals lately. I don’t need this but am so tempted from the GREAT reviews and GREAT PRICE for a new unit. Almost half price of retail and the reviewers from Amazon all paid the $800 and most still rave about this unit! I have been buying my TOOSHIE off here lately!

[MOD EDIT: Tooshie is similar to what you said]

Has Klipsch upped their QC? I got a 5.1 THX computer sound system of theirs years ago, and while it sounded great, it started making this awful static noise almost right after the warranty expired, and there was no fix for it. Apparently it was a fairly common problem.

Now I’m skeptical whenever I see their products.

If this system is anything like their ear buds, it would be a pretty good system.

I’ve been wanting to improve the sound on my Vizio LCD TV, and looking at soundbars at costco and such.

Do the good soundbars like this one not have a separate remote so its all controlled thru the TV? I like that, if that’s the case.

It does include it’s own remote control however you can program almost any other universal remote or your own TV remote to work with the unit.

I don’t have this particular model, but we do have a Klipsch and we love it! It blew the competition out of the water in the store.

Soundbars just aren’t as good…

Also horn speakers a bit harsh

Would this be good as a center channel? I just mounted a slim TV to the wall and my old center channel looks HUGE now.

I’m cool with the floor speakers I have, but really need something low profile to put right at the TV. Considering a in-wall center, but perhaps this would be a good alternative?

Decent specs, but even a basic set of individual bookshelf speakers would blow it away on midrange and surround imaging and be considerably cheaper. A good alternative to in walls is to mount your left, center, and right high on the wall or ceiling and angle them down towards the listening area. This keeps your other decorating options the most open.

Ha. Just bought the Philips one for $400 less. Don’t I feel smrt. I mean smart.

Totally agree (nice Simpsons reference by the way). I keep looking at sound bars (on Woot and in stores) but I can’t bring myself to pay $200 for one. On sale this one is 450! Must be for the high audio buffs out there.

Oh well, I guess my search continues.

"People listen to direct-radiating loudspeakers their entire lives; from childhood they’ve been listening to clock-radios, boom-boxes, television sets, car radios and such. So to many people the sound of DRs is what they think sound reproduction should be. In hi-fi they want that same kind of sound, a better quality of it but the same kind.

To such people the clarity and dynamics of horns can be disconcerting, they’ve heard sound reproduced through a veil of grunge and distortion all their lives and now this realistic sounding horn is intruding on them and they don’t like it. Gone is the romantic mellowness and sweet distance they like, replaced by a stark realism devoid of sweetening. This clarity and directness is interpreted by some as harshness or shrillness, they don’t like the truth.

Direct-radiators, especially those using cone-dome type drivers (I’ve a high regard for electrostatic speakers) remind me of vaseline spread on a camera lens to make an aging actress look young and “pretty”, a haze of distortion and poor dynamics acting as the vaseline. This gives “pretty” sound. But when you cover the wrinkles you cover the truth, the excitement and the emotion.

Horn speakers vary greatly in sound; tonality and imaging and such, but all the good ones share the common virtues of low distortion (with attendant high clarity) and hair-trigger dynamics."

I think if I understand your question correctly, you are considering attempting to use this soundbar as part of a three piece front end set up, right? If that is the case, unfortunately you are not able to do that with a soundbar. There may be some audio tech out there that can rig it to work, but I haven’t heard of anyone doing it yet. There are no binding posts on the back of this unit. Optical inputs and RCA inputs are the standard, I believe. Someone can certainly correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I believe the information I provided is accurate.

I can’t speak for the quality of the sound, but I know Vizio sells an actual 5.1 soundbar system where the satellite speakers connect to the subwoofer. I want to say you can get it for about $200.00 less than what is offered here. Now, I’m not promoting it, and obviously it’s Vizio instead of Klipsch, but just in case it was something you wanted to look at, it might serve the purpose you’re looking for.

Does this soundbar have Dolby & DTS audio decoders?