Klipsch Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

woot sure is slow today

A lot of cash for this thing…

Time to check out the product page


Pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com


Perfect reviews over at crutchfield.com

We bought this kit last time it was on woot. I highly recommend this soundbar. For the price, it cannot be beat IMO. Much more bassy than our 1500$ Bose soundbar and excellent highs. Biggest downside is that there is no Bluetooth.

There’s a thorough review over at Digital Trends.

I’ll save you some time if you wish.

Solid build construction
Clean sound at all volumes with movies
Excellent mid-range music
Wireless sub with big bass

No Bluetooth
Only 3 inputs (No HDMI, USB, or coax digital)
Minimal controls for matching bass, volume

The bottom line seems to be that as long as you are aware of the shortcomings going in, you will love the sound quality.

I got this system for Christmas and it is absolutely amazing. Excellent sound. I play my pandora through Apple TV unit. I could not get a review to go through on Klipsch site, so just wanted to FYI Wooters.

how does it compare with the SONOS soundbar ? it’s significantly cheaper but does anyone know if the extra$ is worth it for the SONOS ?

Are you assuming that someone in the woot community has had a chance to compare the sounds of both of these systems? Not bloody likely…