Klipsch Speakers

Does anyone know if Woot! is an authorized seller of Klipsch speakers?

We are. The Klipsch reps often pop into our forums.

Okay. That’s good to know. I’m looking into purchasing the Klipsch sw-350. How often does this come on Woot? I’m on a tight budget with purchasing tower speakers right now. I would like to add the sub later. Does woot offer a comparable Polk Audio subwoofer to the Klipsch SW-350?

We repeat sales but I can’t say when or how often. We don’t schedule very far in advance.

You can keep an eye on the plus sales through this thread on World of Woot:

All Plus Sales

Are these high efficiency subwooflers? Cuz I know a 20 watt LED light bulb is just as good as a 23 watt tube one and just as good as a 100 watt regular one.

And these wireless subtoofers, how is getting its electricity if it is wireless? With batteries?

They plug into the outlet Wireless means they don’t have to have wire run to the receiver.

10" sub fills our living room (15 ft vaulted ceiling) with sound even at a low volume. Great speakers.

Have seen mostly great reviews for this, with a small smattering of negatives for volume issues and some eventually developing a slight distortion noise that goes away when it is reset. Pulling the trigger and just hoping I don’t run into any of those issues!