Klipsch Synergy 12-inch Powered Subwoofer

All my subs are bicentennial. Whatever that means…wonder why they are dry-rotting?

nobody likes a smug dbag :wink:

I’m not sure if it would work or not, but this thing would be huge compared to the sub that comes with the Promedia 2.1 set. It’s a lot heavier too.

I just bought the KSW-10 (the 10" version of this sub) for $200, so this is a great deal.

Went for this GR8 deal, but for those researching price there a at least 2 KSW-12’s.

From Klipsch’s web site:
KSW-12-Synergy Classic(selling on Woot): http://www.klipsch.com/products/details/ksw-12.aspx

Synergy Sub-12:

ouch, that stung … but I guess I had it coming :slight_smile:

Downward firing doesn’t mean shiat.

Bass is omnidirectional, people.

Only problem with downward firing is that your cats can claw the bottom of it if they reach underneath. :stuck_out_tongue:

…i’m pretty sure the jerks upstairs aren’t as forward thinking or considerate as you…

wish I could mount this upside down on the ceiling to get them back, but… can’t justify a third of my meager wages to go towards such an evil cause, even on payday

I’m in for one… Thanks woot, now just need the matching front-center and 2 sets of rears (for 7.1).

Could this be paired with non-klipsch speakers? I know I’ve always heard to match speakers, but I thought the sub was relatively immune to that theory…

Boooo, my problem is not the price, but the fact that both sellout.woot and woot are used to sell the same item…

This is an old Klipsch model. The Sub 12 is the newer model and has 300W continuous power. 105W continuous power on this model is relatively low for a 12 inch sub. However, as far as price goes, this is still a nice deal

You clearly haven’t been around for long. They do this all the time, and for those of us who might just want a sub and not the speakers (or vice versa), it sure helps. In that sense, it’s not the same item; you have a choice.

Satellites on one page, subwoofer on the other. Different items, yet there’s a wondrous synergy. Almost as if one site had chocolate and the other (salmonella-free) peanut butter. Both different, yet both food. And they go great together.

My advice? Wait until tomorrow. They’ll shake it up a little.

Bought it for $50 used in like New condition, a very good entry level subwoofer. I have since upgraded but still use this one in my smaller setup.

i am not sure I would spend 220, maybe $100 on this one.

Who cares? I blast my music loud as shit…everyone does

Then I guess the option is the cat or the Sub…you be the smart one…you can see cats as much as you want on the internets, you can only hear the subs in ur house…can’t hear subs on regular speakers

Get rid of the cat, problem solved

I paid a little less than that for my 10" Klipsch sub a few years back.

A few caps on the board went bad recently, and I was out of warranty by a month. I called Klipsch up to see what could be done, and they took care of the problem no charge.

I give a thumbsup to their customer service. Super friendly and helpful. I’ll echo this is a great buy.

How do these compare with the SUB12, I just bought that a week ago from Best Buy for $450… and it’s still in its box… so I still have time to return it…

This woot is the older model released in 1998 and only has 105 watts, the Sub-12 was released in 2005 and has 300 watts.