Klipsch Synergy Series SC.5 Center Channel Speaker


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Klipsch Synergy Series SC.5 Center Channel Speaker
$79.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Klipsch Synergy Series SC.5 Center Channel Speaker


I guess it’s supposed to go with the speakers from the regular woot


$10 more for 2 speakers, are you trying to make fun of yahoo users? lol.


Does anyone know if this is sonicaly matched to the entire Synergy line by Klipsch?


Ummm, those are different speakers.
This is the center channel, for above/below the tv. The ones on woot are the left/right front speakers.


This - center
Regular WOOT - right and left channels


maybe this one compliments the 2fer at www.woot hint buy this plus 2x2fer at woot and you’ll have a 5 speaker setup. now if only shirt.woot included a subwoofer with the t-shirt…



Magnet, coil, diaphragm, and box.

Sellout.woot is awesome when selling crap for a penny. I can get on board with that. This though? Nuts.


Speakers is speakers.


Details on klipsch’s site. It’s an older speaker, but the original price was $169



they are totally different speakers. This speaker is meant to be placed under or over the tv and is designed to provide most of the dialoge from the movie or tv show. The surround speakers are meant to be mounted in the back of the room behind the listener and they are designed to provide the audio from the background of the move. for example if a doorbell rings you would hear it from one of those speakers. Its meant to bring 3D sound to a movie. neither of these speakers should be used as the primary speakers in a home theater setup. And 100 bucks is a great deal for a klipsh product,


or you can just get a 5 speaker set up elsewhere Shopzilla link


Excellent Deal…in for one :smiley:


Tag team with regular woot. Interesting. And nice. Here’s the Amazon Review:


Sound is omnidirectional, unless you’re using one of those new-fangled army microwave-interference directed-sound dealies.

And subwoofers aside, all speakers are going to have the same frequency response. So surround speakers=center speakers.


not true, a computer speaker with small woofers is not capable of producing lower frequencies. All speakers have a built in crossover network that tells what frequency’s are to be sent to which part of the speakers for example, the low frequencies are sent to the larger woofer and the highs are sent to the tweeter. A center channel is engineered to produce dialog which is about in the center of the audible frequency range. There is a large difference between the two speakers. Why would klipsh bother to make a different speaker if it didn’t matter?


This is an idiotic response. Center channel speakers are completely different that front speakers and surround speakers. They are more geared toward reproducing dialogue in a 5.1 setup using midrange drivers instead of the traditional woofer and tweeter combo of other bookshelf speakers.

Sure, a tractor (surround speakers) will get you to work just fine, but a limosine (center channel) would be a better choice.


Not all sound is omnidirectional - mostly down in the low frequencies is where you’ll get to the point where you can’t tell where the source is.

Not all speakers have the same frequency response. Otherwise, all speakers would sound exactly the same…then there would be no point for studio monitors, high end home systems, etc. It’s important to carefully consider what speakers you are getting for what set-up if you want the best sound for your particular situation.


Okay, whoever did the “part one” at woot.com, and the “Part B” here… Good on you, sir! I laughed… okay, I was probably the only one… yet still! :slight_smile: