Klipsch Synergy Series SS.5 Surround Sound Speaker - Pair



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Klipsch Synergy Series SS.5 Surround Sound Speaker - Pair
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Klipsch Synergy Series SS.5 Surround Sound Speaker

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What is klipsch?


so do i get 4 or just 2


good brand


Does anyone know if these are sonically matched with the entire Synergy line of speakers from Klipsch?


two pairs? or one pair?..


Sellout.woot.com has the center speaker for $79.99 + shipping, just so you know!


Is this a good deal?

It’s got:

‘2 Sets of rubber feet’

?? : )


sellout.woot.com is the center speaker in this series for $79.99. Talk about synergy…


Just two.


other Klipsch speakers have good marks on amazon, but no reviews for this exact one. Oops. Nevermind, found it.


ok so you have to buy the center speaker on sellout and then woot gives you two fer tuesday speakers which you alos purchase on woot - cmon woot - thats like slimy used car salesmen tactics


one pair


I’ve got the Klipsch Jabra iPod Dock, and I must say that the sound out of it is incredible for its size. (Typically “for its size” means they’re terrible yet small, however in this case, they are genuinely well built speakers that provide clear, balanced sound) Klipsch will not disappoint…Nor will Woot!

Enjoy All…


they sell for around $200 for a pair …so this seems like a hell of a deal


Me = don’t trust this brand. Tomorrows another day!


Klipsch are great quality speakers


I have four sets of Monsoon speakers, but can always use more, for my friends who have tomato can sounding stuff, and my brother who is still using my old speakers from about 5 years ago.

Anyone please comment on these, as they look nice. But never heard of them. Will buy if you all say they are good and if they are a deal.


double the price on amazon