Klipsch Synergy SLX On-Wall Speaker - 2 Pack



speakers SHOULD come in pairs… pretty lame 2fer.,.

as for quality, i’m not an audiophile, so i can’t tell the differnce between a $300 pair of speakers (+$5 Shipping) and the headphones that came with my $9.99 cd player…

anyways, pretty lame move woot… pretty lame…



If I just hadn’t taken speech class, I wouldn’t have known that the copy writer has suddenly developed a lateral lisp. Isn’t school great?


these speakers are great next to a tv on the wall. and price can reflect quality. not always (like bose) but it can be an indicator.


Sorely tempted to get them just for this purpose. DH is dying for flat screen TV, these would be nice next to it.


~350 Each at Best Buy. They are designed to be wall mounted, Sanus Systems offers a direct fit floor stand for them to attach to, also sold at Best Buy. These speakers WILL NOT stand on the floor by themselves out of the box. These happen to be a great set of speakers will good highs and mid’s, definatly need a sub-woofer to properly compliment them.


slight revision:

granted, speakers should come in pairs, but i guess because they usually go for $250+ a pop this is a great deal if you’re looking for these… i’m not, because my home audio system is made of a pre-amp, cassette, and 8-track player all from the early to mid 70’s with speakers to match (QUAD-SONIC Sound, or something like that… think 4.0 ;))

Anywhozzle, not as lame as previously stated, but i’d rather have seen something i had no need for two of… isn’t that the true meaning of two for tuesday? to make no sense at all?

What-ev, PASS


klipscht - infer it…garbage stuff - period.

the problem with this garbage company is that it used to be good - so good in fact it even had a computer modding cult following - they realized it and started making shoddier and shoddier products -

i assure you - w/n 6 months of your purchase something will go wrong - steer clear - and for 300 bucks definitely steer clear - go buy some onkyo’s for this kind of money - or if you want real quality go for mirage nanoset - but that will run you more than double…either way stay clear from klipscht


Looks like King Arthur wrote the desciption tonight, no Rodger Moore…no wait…Bond…James Bond…no, no… no… that’s not it…I think it was Duston Hoffman’s cousin Sean Connery? Either way…I’ll be talking like that all day tomorrow…no wait…today…or is it just later? Do these work on Sean Connery’s Mac too?


These are probably not Mac compatible: if they were, they would be been I-Klipsch.


The question is… 2, or 2x2 ?

I’m guessing it’s a single ‘pack’ of 2 speakers… if i was for sure it was 4 speakers I’d consider jumping on it


Not saying these are good or bad… But the efficiency seems to good to be true. Could it be that I can only remember ever seeing it at xx@1Watt instead of 2.83 watts?


Great price.

I love Klipsch stuff - I have a RF-82 Reference system - love it.

FYI - Speakers generally do come in pairs unless they are a LCR speaker (left, center, right) - these are generally sold individually as people usually buy 3.

This should sell out soon - its near 1/2 off.

For the guy that stated that he couldn’t tell these from his $10 headphones - there is something seriously wrong with you.


I still use my KG3’s circa 1993 as my main speakers. They aren’t ported so they require a lot of power to get loud sound, but it is quality sound through out the range… Plus they have old school hardwood cabinets!

I don’t know if they are the best ever crafted, but I paid $300 for these at a HiFi Buys outlet in '93 and they are still going strong.


“Mounting: Custom wall-bracket included allows vertical or horizontal mounting and 30-degrees of loudspeaker rotation.”

That’s all well and good… but what about diagonal mounting?!?


A set of speakers for the 2 for tuesday… Give me a break. Unless its supposed to be the center speaker or bass, it should come in a pair set.


if i didn’t already have my promedia ultras and the lack of room to put these anywhere i’d be getting a pair…sigh…another day woot.


Make sure you have support beams where you insert these speakers. Ten pounds may not seem heavy, but if you stick it only into drywall, you’re just asking for trouble.

Alternatively, you can buy a speaker stand that’s compatible with these speakers (universal ones shouldn’t cost more than 15-20 each) and not have to deal with a wall at all.


Been using a pair of SLX’s as my surround speakers in my F-3 setup (two F3s (front), a C3 (center), a sub-12, and two SLX’s (surround) for over a year. They’re awesome, and this price is pretty. You can purchase stands for them separately to make them floorstanding, but they’ll wall-mount nicely, which is how I have mine set up.


You are an idiot - nuff said.

You think they are going to be influenced by a “computer modding” cult? Gimme a break.

Of new built theater’s today - 4 of 5 use Klipsch speakers.

Also - Onkyo went sour in the late 80s after Akai (once a great brand) - way to play catch-up.


Speakers are like car tires. Always buy in pairs of it will offset.