Klipsch Synergy SLX On-Wall Speaker - 2 Pack

They are beating that price…$249 is for 1 speaker.

So if it weren’t Twofer Tuesday we would be able to get stereo sound?

Actually, MDF and particle board are the mostly the same process and same types of material. The difference in quality I think comes from that MDF is made using more pressure and heat… hence the higher density. Particle board is still mixed up sawdust and wood scrap shavings mixed up with a resin. Both are good environmental choices since they are made entirely from wood waste.

MDF has a much smoother surface and is more resistant to moisture whereas particle board will easily warp and lose its strength.

description was worth it! too funny.

VERY common unless you are buying nOrh or some other pay-out-the-a$$ brand.

Point of comparison. Where a quality brand might use two layers of 3/4" MDF in a sub, Bose has used a single layer 1/2" LDF…yup, LOW density fiberboard.

The efficiency quoted is actually somewhat low for a Klipsch product. My Klipsch Chorus speakers have 103dB efficiency. The speakers wooted here have horn loaded tweeters which increase the efficiency. By the way 2.83 volts is the level required to produce 1 watt into an 8 ohm load

Whoo! Klipsch.

They’re based here in Indianapolis. Ran into an executive of the company at the bookstore a couple of months back - really nice guy. Therefore you should all buy these speakers!

See how that logic works? You’re a nice guy, people recommend your products to random strangers for no other valid reason - that’s just good business sense!

Uh, no, I don’t currently own Klipsch speakers, but my dad’s still on the pair he bought in the 70’s and they always sounded great!

Just curious, what AMP do you use?

for the price try fluance their HT speakers (Which I have picked them up brand new from ebay fluance store for $112 delivered) got a 7.1 from cnet and several other sites they have a pair of floor standing speakers with better specs for $299 plus about $60 delivery

MDF Wood Construction To Reduce Cabinet Resonance
Vertically and Horizontally Internally Braced Cabinets
Ferro-fluid Cooled Titanium Soft Dome Tweeter For Longer Life
Butyl Rubber Surrounds For Increased Durability and Performance
High Excursion Side-firing 10" Subwoofer
Bi-amp Bi-wire 5 Way Gold Plated Binding Post Terminals for Optimum Conductivity
Magnetically Shielded
Floor Spikes to Isolate Speakers from the Floor
Tuned Rear Bass Port for Controlled Low Frequency Response
Classic Black Ash Finish
New With A Full 5 Year Warranty

I can’t say these compare to my 65 lb Klipschs, but i don’t think I would mount those on the wall either.

The price at Vanns is for one speaker. The price at Woot is for 2 speakers.

Thanks for playing lolz.

As waterside have said, these are good for a home theater setup. Don’t expect the performance of a Klipsch Horn that costs thousands. In fact, if you’re not going to use them in a 5.1 or 7.1 setup, I’d go with a pair of towers from another company that has great speakpers for affordable prices (Aperion, Athena, Axiom, BIC, etc). Oh, by the way, when we say “3 bills” we’re talking $3k…you can’t buy quality drivers for under $100 each.

if you were on top of all of the recent woots, youd have a bitching receiver with 6 pairs of bitching speakers, plus a woofer from a last woot-off… mmmmm. they kinda offered everything i wanted, i just don’t have anywhere to put it. lets hope woot repeats this next year or so and i will build meself a good a/v system for cheap…

For those of you saying Vanns has it for $250, that’s NOT a good deal! That’s for ONE woot is giving TWO (for tuesday)

This is warm IMO. You can use these or flip them for possibly $50 profit after S&H and Fees (if fleabaying)

“Enclosure material: MDF Isn’t that a fancy term for particle board? Is that common in a quality speaker?”

No! Particle board has mixed-size particles glued together with light compression. It’s a lightweight, fragile material.

MDF is Medium Density Fiberboard. Smaller, more-consistently-sized fibres, glued under pressure… better than solid wood. MDF is heavier than the majority of wood types, and is less resonant than any natural wood, which is important for making good speakers.

You’ll need an amplifier. If you get an amplifier and put it in line with them, you can use them with your computer just fine.

lol - i intentionally spelled it to sound out the word…hence the “infer it” after…lol…lol…in any event - i dont really care if you buy them - i was just giving my two cents - ive owned a few klipsch products and like ive said before - they were at one point quality goods - but now they suck…and if you re-read my post i recommend two brands that are imho better…oh, btw, lol lol lol lol lol.

I just purchased 3 sets to replace my theatre in a box sony speakers from awhile ago.

I have a Sony STR-DG800 7.1 reciever and plan to run these along with a Klipsch Center channel.

I think it will be a decent setup for a college student and I am not worried too much about the bass because I have the Klipsch 12" 650W sub to handle that.

Wow! - you sound as if you know what you are talking about - In the words of BORAT - NNNOOOTTTTT!

I have the Reference RF-5 (Now RF-82) and DSW-10 Sub and Surrounds on a Denon Head Unit and the Neighbors up and down the street envy me and can hear/feel them at times when I have it up about halfway. The Clarity and presence is incredible. No hissing. Of course there are other factors that play a part (wiring, etc…) Klipsch speakers are not the best overall but they are for the price range. The only stuff I would stay clear of is the most of the mass produced stuff at BB with exception to Klipsch. And that goes for everything on their show room floor. You get what you pay for - going to BB or CC or TwTer for speakers is like going to Kmart for furniture. Mirage is good but still a distant second to the Upper line Reference Series from Klipsch.

The Synergy series speaker are the mass produced line from Klipsch. There could be some quality control issues just like everyone else has but I would bet that these are still great speakers. Just read the reviews for any issues that they find b4 purchasing.

If you are in the market, get them. You will love them.