KLUDGE-O-WEEN: Dress Up Your Screaming Monkey (or something else)

So the theme is last minute costumes. Seems like it would be fun to come up with some costumes for our screaming monkeys (or other item if you don’t have one).

• Use only items already available at your home or office
• Do not go buy anything

That’s it. Make some fun costumes with materials already on hand.

Here are my examples:

This is Duff in his hospital gown. This was made from a Handi-Wipe and my stapler.

Unfortunately, like all hospital gowns, Duff is feeling a bit exposed:

This is Leaky the Leak Frog. His Dracula costume was made using Play-Doh:

You can upload your pics at any photo sharing site such as imgur.com or tinypic.com. You want to post the BBCode here (e.g. [i[b][/b]mg] [/img]). Holler if you need help.

Deadline is the end of the woot-off.

Now, go forth and bring me back some fun costumes.


This bandit bear-monkey was tired of merely trying to infiltrate the ranks of the regular Woot! Monkeys. This Kluge-O-Ween he wanted to emulate someone a little more powerful. A little more… evil.

The Goa’uld System Lord Anubis

This clever monkey absconded with one of my new black trash bags and cut into a replica of Anubis’ robe/force shield.

Most of it is actually being cleverly held into place using the monkey’s own eyeband and cape elastic.

Here’s the back… I couldn’t wedge him into the cardboard face first, so I had to just lay him down.

Nothing to really see, unless you enjoy monkey butt.

Actually you can’t see that either.

And, finally, for those who have no idea who (or what) Anubis is that I’m talking about:


You may want to skip to about 40 seconds in to get to the right scene.

I dressed up my Easter bunny for Halloween!


One of my Woot! Monkeys first tried out a Shih Tzu costume:

But he wasn’t happy with that one. Too perky for his mood. So he tried to emulate an aging Border Collie:

The frequent need to urinate in that disguise annoyed him so he went for the obvious. Cat treat!

My monkey as Willard.

Chef monkey. Cupcake wrapper for the chef hat. We all know how much I love cupcakes…

EDIT: so once I looked at the picture, he looked more like he just got out of a bath. So - here you go:

Cleaning the fog of the mirror:

My little monkey wanted to be a cheerleader, complete with pom-poms!


Here is the Screaming Mummy Monkey in my office, an air traffic control tower. His costume is made up of blank flight strips, used to coordinate arrival and departure flight information. Happy Halloween!

Cute thread.