Klymit Insulated Static V Sleeping Pad

Klymit Insulated Static V Sleeping Pad

Have one of these already, and paid $74.99 from amazon. Ordered another for my daughter, or girlfriend to use when we go camping. Strongly suggest picking one up over the Luxe, if you camp where temps get down below 60 at night.
Stayed inflated all night, and noticeably warmer than sleeping on a thinner but more “solid” pad.


So bummed. Mine just arrived and I was excited to open it and try it out. This is my first inflatable sleeping pad after 20+ years on a foam ZRest.
Not as compact when packed as I hoped it would be but not a dealbreaker.
Inflation was spot-on, took me 12 big breathes to get it as full as it could handle.
The valve is where the problem is. Not sure if I got a defective item or if it just isn’t made to handle a full inflation, but I also don’t think the valve is the best design, either. It’s a flip type valve that lets a lot of air out quickly during deflation. But the flaw in the design is when trying to close the valve cap after full inflation. After about a dozen attempts where the valve is finicky and wouldn’t seal properly, it’s impossible to close the valve cap without budging the valve to where air leaks out. There’s no way the pad would stay inflated through a full night’s sleep this way.
Probably going to send this one back. Not confident that a replacement is the answer, either, not with that valve design. The Thermarest design seems like it would be much better, screw cap valve that is less prone to failure or not be so delicate.
For the few minutes I had it inflated and was able to lay on it, it seemed comfortable on both back and side. But that’s only a full inflation. And I’m not huge (6’, 170lbs).

If I’m missing something, please enlighten me.
Otherwise, I can’t recommend this at all.

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Thanks. Just got the RMA and return shipping label. I see this same one is only a few dollars more on the mother ship, so I may try my luck with a new one from there in the event that this sale here is of returns and I just happened to get a bad.

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