Klymit Sleeping Pads

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Klymit Sleeping Pads
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Should have made it green so it could be called the Kermit sleeping pad…


Bought one a few months ago, took it on a week camping trip and night 2 it stopped holding air. I should have known the only air mattress worth buying is therma-rest.

I’ve got one and never had an issue. I have tried the more bare-bones styles they offer, but this static V insulated version is my favorite. It is comfortable now matter what position I lay in and takes up the space of a soda can.

For those that don’t know, Klymit is a reputable brand and been the leader in ultralight pads for years.

I own two of these I got from Woot 12 months ago. Both are great quality and very comfortable (compared to other pads I have owned and used). My son uses his every month in Boy Scouts and says it’s great. I think one of the other posters misspoke when mentioning that it’s the size of a soda can. It is small, but this is the insulated version - it’s probably a bit smaller than two cans put together. Amazon says 5x8". I also have an uninsulated one for the summer that is thinner that is roughly the size of a soda can. The other poster may be thinking about a similar Klymit pad they have, but not the slightly thicker insulated one like this.

This is a good deal (check Froogle), but I noticed that it is 20% more than what I paid for this on Woot a year ago. I was about to buy another to put in storage for my younger kid until I saw the price hike. Still thinking about it, but… C’mon Woot! Do us right!

I have two of these that I bought from Costco. I hate them. Repeat - I HATE them.

HEAVY. Ridiculously heavy.

But more importantly - next to impossible to roll up and get back into the sack. Not completely impossible. But if you’re in your tent and trying to pack up - you’re just going to end up wanting to shred them and throw them away. They’re that bad.

Compared to my Thermarest these are garbage. Yes, they’re cheaper. A LOT cheaper. For a reason. They are NOT worth the money saved.

Hmm. I have 2 of these, pack size is pretty good.

I backpack often (2X a month) and have been using them more recently. Heavier? Yes 25 oz is pretty bad. Hard to roll up? Never had any issues.

Only issue I had was thought they would puncture easy with my dogs nails etc but haven’t had any issues there. I have thermarest too. They are harder to roll up and get into the stuffsack IMO

Edit- not the best pad, but find a comparable one for around 50 bux.

Previous sale ($42.99)

An adjustment a la Woot’s tendency would nudge my itchy trigger finger. I suspect that this would be better for motorcycle camping then my current inflatable, which makes my shoulders ache after a side sleep. Volume is more important than weight in my case. Subscribing to price updates.

I bought this on an earlier Woot and thought it was terribly uncomfortable. It felt to me like I was more or less sleeping on hard ground. I always sleep on my side and sleeping on this mattress made my shoulder and side fall asleep and had stabbing pain that woke me up I swapped with my poor wife the second night and she only weighs 130 lbs and she still found it very uncomfortable. Not sure how this passes muster for anyone.

Was it overinflated? Most inflatables should be a little squishy.

And here I wouldn’t give you a plug nickle for a Therma-Rest. My last over priced/over rated TAR NeoAir XLite. Was ok one weekend. Next month, woke up on the ground. Not a easy pad to fix. Tried but it would loose most of it’s air over night. I took a backup (yep, a Klymit) on a 3rd trip (when it appeared I fixed my TAR. Nope, it leaked again, different place this time. So, I wrote it off. Used the Klymit static V (not even the top of the line) that I got from costco at the end of season for under 20 bucks. Went back and got some more.

I originally had the Klymit INERTIA X FRAME that I purchased from my local outfitter, paid full price in 2012. Months after purchase and several uses, one of the seams came apart where I could not patch. Luckily I was able to use the hot iron method and seal it back together. It worked for awhile after that. Finally I contacted Klymit and they had me send it to them. They then backed up their product by asking me if I wanted a replacement and which one I wanted. They ended up sending me the Insulated Static V. I have been using that now for 5 years, no leaks. I even have several friends that purchased the Static V, no leaks. I wonder if quality has reduced in recent years. I cant believe that this brand is found just about everywhere, even Walmart. And they are much cheaper too.

And as to weight, yes there are other brands that offer lighter(noisier) air pads. You just need to look at price, weight, wiggle noise, R-Value, size needed and then figure out what will work for your comfort. Most likely it will take about 3-5 pads before you find the right one for your needs. They will all end up at some time leaving you waking up on the ground.

Thinking about switching to a closed cell pad like the TAR Z lite.

Have you asked Thermarest to fix it? I think they have one of the better warranties. I bought a thermarest about 20 years ago. I patched a puncture about 6 years ago but other than that it is still going strong.

I have an REI brand sleeping pad that performs great and I really love. I also had a Big Agnes one that was excellent but I gave it to a friend because it was too narrow for me.