KMC 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I’ve been waiting for a deal to get another to add to one I’ve had 3 years and paid $275+ for it. Love mine. It’s heavy on bass compared to the HK one I have. I like both for different reasons. HK stays “standby” all the time, so always connecting easily… KLIPSCH has to be manually turned on to connect and goes to “sleep”. But I love the sound of the Klipsch because I love a little “boom” in my dance music, like a club, but HK still good for ALL TYPES OF Music and as a speaker for my PC. This price for NEW is outstanding!!

I’ve had this speaker for a few years now and I love it. I’ve always just run it on AC power, but it’s great for moving around the house where ever you need it. The sound is fantastic. We paid $200 at the time, but the best price I’ve ever seen is $150. I would recommend this Woot to anyone looking for a powerful, portable boombox.

My second also… And for portability the HK one is awesome and never misses a beat with long life internal battery and better carrying size and handle than Klipsch. My Klipsch is best as plug and leave alone. It’s heavy. Hence me getting a second Klipsch for the other side of the house. :slight_smile: My favorite Bluetooth speaker, ever.

It’s one to one. :frowning:

I have my Klipsch speaker in the kitchen (see above) along with an Echo Dot. I can plug the dot into the speaker and stream music through it. It sounds great.

However… I have to unplug the audio cable when not streaming music. The Klipsch speaker will time out and power off, and if I leave the Dot plugged in, it will hear my voice commands, but I can’t hear the audio feedback because it’s sending it through the now-unpowered speaker.

bought one for me and my daughter loved it and so I had to buy her one. One of her cherished possessions. We have had no problems whatsoever… The Battery thing was a disappointment. I bought rechargeable batteries and a charger. but really only use it out on the porch… Great sound quality…

Perfect, thanks for responding.

stop makin’ sense man, yer killin’ me. :slight_smile:

I bought one of these 2 years ago. Pro’s: LOUD, FACE MELTING BASS. Con’s: Said bass can (and will!) cause your precariously balanced speaker to fall to the earth in an unceremonious thud.

Moral of the story, I liked it enough that I will order another, if not only to use the 8 !@mn D-Cell rechargeable batteries I’ve had laying around.

I purchased this back in 2015 from Woot and this is the best blue-tooth speaker that I have ever owned for sound and quality. About 6-8 months after purchase I plugged my phones USB charging cord into the back to charge my phone while music played and the port quit working. I emailed Klipsch and they didn’t even ask a question, sent an RMA form, mailed the speaker back and the sent me a new one without question. Top tier customer service!
I have been through at least 5 or 6 other blue-tooth speaker brands and this one has withstood allot of abuse. Granted this speaker is not light and takes 8-D batteries but its not really for walking around with. If you want something for the shop that overpowers equipment or wile playing a game outdoors this speaker has the juice. Power is not usually that far away for those uses. For batteries I have D-cell battery adapters for eneloop AA and just recharge as needed and get most of the day with music playing. I can hook this to TV’s for better stereo sound through the 3.5mm port. This things loud and has great sound my co-workers always love it when I show up with it and fire it up in the bay.

honestly for this price you could get an awesome samsung speaker bar also rated at 130 watts that will pump out more sound!

D batteries? what are you a flashlight from the 80’s?

My buddy has this speaker. It sounds fabulous. By far the best portable sound I’ve heard. But, I was under the impression that Klipsch no longer makes this unit. That might make warranty service problematic.

Can you use this as a sound bar for you led tv?