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One of the best knives I’ve ever bought. I’ve preferred ZT knives but this one has to be my favorite by far!

is there a difference between the crkt black tango blade and this one?

Bear and sons has horrible reviews… kershaws are great but if you hunt you can get them on amazon cheaper.

Bear and Sons are copycatting Knives of Alaska’s designs (an actually reputable company). Hell, even the logo is almost the same.

You can never go wrong with a knife with Ken Onion’s name on it. He’s the Jedi master of knife making and design. That said, CRKT had a terrible reputation before signing Ken. They are trying to change that image by using quality blade materials, sensible handle materials and hiring big name designers like K.O. I bought the Wrinkle in red not too long ago and LOVE it despite its heft. The ball bearing system (KBCS) is amazing.

Ok, so about your Kershaw comment. Yes, you can find cheap Kershaws. But BEWARE! Since Ken left Kershaw, they started making Some knives in China with a lower price point to make money. Disappointing, but true. If you buy a Kershaw, you can still get a USA made one, but you have to make sure it says it’s “Made in the USA”. It’s the only way to get their legendary lifetime warranty. BTW: if it’s a speedsafe (KO design) then it’s an American knife.

Wheeler rail set is cheaper at this place…

save $10

Hey…way to have your “SALES STATS” over lay the videos…makes it kind of hard to watch full screen.

Anyone know what the inside of the Swedish Tactical Backpack looks like? Also the dimensions of the pouches would be useful.

I’m considering using this as a diaper bag so I can actually have a useful bag when it’s no longer needed.

The Kershaw Scrambler (which I bought one of the last times it was up, nice knife, bigger and heavier than I anticipated but solid, thick bladed and well constructed) has speed safe and is a chinese made knife, at least the one i bought here said China on the blade.

CRKT K205RKP Ken Onion Wrinkle Knife:

Great knives, crappy color. Any other colors coming?

Not entirely true, I have a lot of Kershaw knives and two of them are Chinese… Still carry the lifetime warranty and free sharpening service.

CRKT K205RKP Ken Onion Wrinkle Knife

I got this one a few sales back and just don’t like the knife. Compared to even my foreign made Kershaws, it seems lacking in fit and finish. The blade is sharp and strong, but the knife is HEAVY for it’s size, the handle doesn’t feel great and the knife just doesn’t look great in my opinion. If I had paid the supposed retail price of $125 I would have been sorely disappointed (even at $25 I still wasn’t entirely happy and I haven’t been using the knife because I just don’t like the aesthetics - the polished steel looks like those cheap knives we used to get as teenagers at the army-navy store in town).

Bring this one back, I’ll buy 3!

Kershaw 1670TTSST Tiger Striped Tanto Blur Knife - Partially Serrated