Knight Flight Batman

Here’s Amazon at $31.08!


30 and up on amazon

have this. the batman is rather light in weight, and the helicopter functions just as well as any other “cheap helicopter toy” chopper…

Why, why, why, my wife would kill me1

What? No Bat Mobile?! Boo-Times City 2012.

Why, I had no idea Batman had been knighted! Jolly good news!

Action video from the manufacturer.

Had 1,200 views at the start of this woot.

Holy Bat-chopper, BATMAN!

Buy it for her, for her anniversary present.

Four Words.

Go, Go, Gadget, Copter!

This has to be the best invention ever.

Product Website


what’s the flight time per charge on this whirlybirded caped crusader?

I have a feeling people wooting is screwing with youtubes servers… as this Knight Flight Batman video is not loading well.

this thing is a great repellent. it repels dogs, parents, friends, roommates, neighbors, clouds, cooler flying toys, and most of all: women!!

I know there’s a downdraft and all, but I wouldn’t want to be wearing a cape anywhere near a double rotor.


It seems that Batty has been abusing the bat-chopper and has put on a few pounds.