Knight Flight Batman

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Knight Flight Batman
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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funny. i didn’t know this was kids.woot

Is this BatMan from Austria?

Ahh why does batman have a propeller sticking out of his spine? D:

Germany, actually.

I got one in the May 11th BO****C and it broke the first flight(After I had to fix it to fly it at all. The batteries in the remote would not connect). It was new in box.

You have been warned.

Got this in my last BOC.

Cute, but quickly broke after using only a few times.

Alrighty then… looks like kids woot has spilled into our woot.

Ugh. Connection to propeller broke after about 5 minutes of play. Thankfully, I got it from a BoC. Do not buy!

I live in Colorado and have bought a number of these flying toys, only to be terribly disappointed at their performance at 6300 feet.

If you live at lower elevations, then go ahead, but if you are high, like me, then pass.

where’s robin? he’s supposed to be tailgating

I got one in a baguette of celery, and I haven’t broken it yet.

I haven’t played with it lately, either.

My cat likes to knock it over before I can launch it.

This thing is bad, very bad. My advice is stay away. You have been warned.

nanananananananana Random Crap! (random crap…)

How disappointing…because I, of course, Really Want One!!


Cmon Wooten give us something fun. Like the choppers that shoot or a predator drone!

My boyfriend would love this… oo well too bad! NEXT! :smiley: