Knightly Knerd

As you all can plainly see, O’Doyle certainly does NOT rule!

Very cute! I’m thinking about it.

Non-Nerd: “Whhaaaaaa… how?”

Nerd: “I programmmed the game! That’s how I beat the beast!”

does that make the cheerleader the princess or the release of starcraft 2?

So sad… And to think that Dragon just got that big football scholarship to State…

LOVE it. Bought it. Looking forward to wearing it. Woooooot!

And then he woke up.

I am a failure! Unable to get my mother’s credit card in time, I could not be the first wooter! Damn you physics, time, and woot’s short term credit card number memory! Curse you all, how will I enjoy my shirt now?

raises fist of rage

Fat dragon in a liiiiittle coooaaaaat.

I always wanted one of those stupid letterman jackets. Ah well.

Nice shirt!

So… did the nerd fight fire with fire? And if so should we expect the nerd to have little ‘x’s’ on his eyes soon?

Nerd a la flambé…

What’s up with no honorable mentions lately…I always get excited thinking, oh yay, it’s the day after the 3rd place shirt so there is going to possibly be one of the favorite shirts of the derby for sale…but nope. Recently it’s just been some lame shirt.

Bewildered. What is the pointey nosed red alligator face thingy on top of the dead dragon?

I slay this foul beast in the name of the Chess Club!

The sad thing is, that dragon will brush himself off, try to forget this loss, but his peers reject him. That football scholarship? No longer a reality. He fumbles the ball thinking back on the fight just as the scout was looking his way. Instead, he graduates with a low grade point average and toils away at his newly acquired minimum wage job.

Meanwhile the nerd goes on to own a large, successful software company and settles down with the princess he won off the dragon.

Who is the REAL bad guy here?

Death to jocks!

So the dragon represents a bully right? It’s not just a dragon that stumbled upon a letterman jacket and some Converse All-Stars?

Woah. I think the artist has a time machine and a mind reading device…because this was totally a recurring dream for me back in 6th grade.

If that’s a nerd, where’s his pocket protector?

Clearly, he rolled a 20 for his attack roll.