KnIndustrie 8-Pc Bronze Italian Cookware

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KnIndustrie 8-Pc Bronze Italian Cookware
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These look interesting, like an architect rather than a chef designed them. But in the description it says “The covers are equipped with a large knob that allows you to use them upside down, parallel to the slab”
What slab? I don’t understand the term. Anybody know?

Time to learn all about KNindustrie

Looks like you can turn them over under the pots/pans as a presentation stand.

The “slab” they’re talking about is the counter top. Basically, you can turn the lid upside-down and use the handle as a stand, converting the lid into a cake holder or platter. Because who doesn’t love dual-purpose pot lids?

Indeed. Thank you Don! Thank you Art!

MORE INFO-Made in Italy, designed by innovative Milanesse architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni. Pans that perform professionally in preparation of food but become (after removing the handle) elegant serving pieces when they appear on the table.

Bronze, Stainless Steel, Wonderplus Exterior Finishing. This innovative and versatile feature is possible thanks to the material used and their particular processing technique, as well as the easy locking and releasing system for the handles. The top quality 18/10 stainless steel, skillfully worked, is the protagonist; looks shiny inside and bronze colored outside, achieved through a special process called “wonder plus” that makes the surface very material. The bottom is in multiply steel/aluminum/steel and the pots can be used on all types of hobs; gas, ceramic glass, thermal and electromagnetic induction, the handle is black finish steel.

The covers are equipped with a large knob with a particular shape that allows you to use them upside down, parallel to the slab, so as to transform them in a cake stand to bring to the table quiche, cakes, biscuits and everything the creativity of the chef suggests. This dual function allows a significant savings when purchasing and in energy for daily washing. The space to store the tools you need in a home is greatly reduced.

I’ll buy this set as soon as a chef designs and builds a bridge over a river.

I’m guessing handwash only, can anybody find any more info, reviews? I did see a mention in a closed thread recommending cookware. Just not sure about the exterior finish and how it holds up, or how they cook, but guess you gotta be willing to take a risk! Also, not the size pots I’m used to cooking with - so would think I’d need two sets. Buy one and try it, and if I love it, it probably will never be offered again!

Whats the qt size for all the pans?
From the looks, it seems very small

What a horrible website design. Looks like they went for looks rather than function; I’d be afraid that they did the same with the cookware.

And also, there’s apparently nowhere where you can get an extra wood handle. So if your only handle breaks, you are SOL.

The 480 BigAzz® replacement handle:

Available at for only $62.46.
*Shipping and Taxes will be added during checkout.

Gaaaah! It buuuurns!

The description says dishwasher safe.

These look great and will work with an induction cook top - which I’m getting in a couple months and needed new pans. I could not find any reviews about performance, but for the price and the look I’m willing to give them a shot.

Good point, I ordered a set so plan on tracing the handle in the event I need someone to make me a new one. Doesn’t seem like it would be too much for someone who’s handy with a saw to make.

If you had to, you could always buy a replacement walnut handle here:

For the savings on this set, another $52 (with shipping) might not be a bad idea just in case. But man…$52 for a handle?!?

Amazon has them priced at $400 so if you like the look, why not?