Knipex Pliers & Cutters

Tempting, I have been looking for some nice pliers. The prices are similar to what is currently on Amazon with prime.

This looks handy, however I wonder what gauge wire it strips? 10,12,14?

Yep, I found on Amazon that it is 10,12,14. Great reviews.

The handles on the pliers say “AWG 10/14/12”

My bad, I was just looking at the business end.

Adam Savage, of MythBusters, and the crew over at his site Tested like snips of this brand and talk about them (among many other things) in their podcast about tool selection for beginners. (They have their suggestions as a tool list too.)

Seems like they have pretty high respect for this brand overall.

WOW! Nice job Woot!
Knipex tools are great!
The mini-snips are the best, I’ve cut stainless steel cable, field fencing, wire and who knows what else… zero damage to blades.
(I know not to try to cut hardened steel, though…)
The pliers are high quality, and if you can find them, the Knipex adjustable pliers are the best…
Ahhhh… I love good tools…

I’ve used and abused Knipex pliers/cutters for some time. They’re well made, feel comfortable in my hand and get the job done.

Products are great, prices are meh

Cheaper on Amazon with prime shipping.

Knipex snips are literally the best in the world. I don’t know how much of a deal there is to be had here, but you never get ripped off purchasing Knipex. They’re priceless in my experience.

I have the mini bolt cutters. Awesome tool! I actually bought it for use in a floral design class I was taken, as the teacher recommded it for cutting through the thicker guage wires and for some thicker or woody type stems. It comes in handy for a lot more than that, though. She said she paid $80 from the snap on truck and I got mine new from ebay for $36 shipped. That was probably like 7 years ago, though.

I have these already(for much more$) THESE ARE GREAT!!
I use them everyday, and my co-workers borrow them all the time.

The ‘K’ is pronounced. :expressionless:

Ja. Ist German.

I’ve got a set of their adjustable pliers, which my brother gave to me as a gift one year. the teeth are so strong and the angle of the head is such that you can use them as pipe wrenches and push with an open hand without worrying about it slipping off the pipe - without worrying about trying to keep a strong grip on the pliers, just to keep the jaws closed. once those teeth bite in, you’re set. the best part of the adjustable part though is the push-button - you can do it with one hand.

these prices may seem high, but as with a lot of tools, you really do get what you pay for. i think my brother got my current set of knipex adjustables for a steal of a price - i think he paid $75 for the set of three… 10 years ago. and other than a little grease that won’t come off the still-intact rubber grips, they still look pretty much new even though they were used almost daily for 5 years.

yeah, don’t really see the deals here like we used to. Knipex are the bomb but their adjustable pliers are where its at.

I’ve got 2 pairs of the adjustable pliers and they rock