Knipex Tools

I’m an electrician, so the linemen are an essential part of my job. I stuck with the Klein brand for a while, switched over to the Channellock brand for my last pair, because it was easier to purchase (didn’t have to get them unlocked from the display). Both are quality tools made in the US. I misplaced mine one day on the job I’m on now, and needed them, borrowed a co-worker’s back-up pair, but he showed me his current ones, “Knipex, they’re German, but they have a crimper, and a fish tape puller.”
That night, I was looking at woot, and they had them, I picked up a pair, why not. Now, I’ve only had them a couple months, but I love 'em. The first cut of wires gave me a satisfying snap, the cutters telling me they were nice and sharp. I like the weight of them, they’re lighter, but not too small. We’ll see how long they last, but I tend to have small holes in the blade, and dulled edges within the first year.
I’m buying 2 more pairs now, and replacing my needle nose which broke my first month on the job, 7 years ago. If I see woot selling these again in a year, I’ll report back on how they stand the test of time…but for now, I can’t recommend these enough.

Apparently, none of the letters are silent…
Though the rep seems to forget the “K” pretty quickly.

BTW, I was a plumber for 20 years and agree that these are some of the finest, most durable hand tools available.