Knives & Things You Knife On

Bamboo is a grass.

What is a “Dual Density Utility Knife?” I think in normal speak that just means “bread knife.”

It means wavy blade that will be a pain to sharpen.

(And it’s short for a bread knife.)

I bought a B-grade Twin Select chef’s knife for a buddy of mine. We’re still trying to figure out what the cosmetic imperfection is.

When is Woot gonna have some ceramic knives?

Bamboo is OK I guess and to each their own but, when is woot going to offer a traditional hardwood cutting board or two?

schrody & charliecarroll: I’ve passed on your requests to the buyer for sharpy cutty things.

I didn’t even think about it at the time, but I’ve got a wedding coming up in a month or so. Those Shun Edo Steak knives would have made a great wedding gift, but dangit, I missed 'em.

Hey, woot, if you can get that Edo steak knife set back again before September, I’m in for two!

Would the 9" Shun be good for cutting sushi rolls?

I feel like a good knife I’d all that is left between me and some good sushi made at home.

I have a knife set from woot similar to the Ginsu set. Take note that they are serrated blades. Some people don’t like that.